MEEE Services as a company aspires to delve deeper into engineering to take full advantage of the endless possibilities it offers. Mechatronics is paving the path to advancement in technology and MEEE is treading that path. The company boasts a team of engineers who employ an interdisciplinary approach when solving technical problems. Even though we are constantly integrating multiple disciplines like systems engineering, electronics, mechanical engineering, computer engineering and programming, the result is a perfectly synchronized system free of flaws and errors.
Every company offers a distinct set of services while working to achieve a particular set of goals and MEEE is no different. The unity between our services and our aspirations links us to our customers and the wider world. It is by providing answers to their questions we simultaneously achieve our aims. MEEE has taken cognizance of the broad field of engineering and focuses on the most potent aspects of it, namely:

-Mechanical engineering design
-Power electrical systems
-Electronic design
-Solar, wind and hybrid design
-Prototyping & manufacturing of electronic and mechanical components


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