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What are Magnetic Torpedo Laser Levels for Builders

The magnetic torpedo laser level for builders can be described as the best self leveling laser level because of its unique features. It is a must-have laser level that is highly durable and accurate. The most striking feature here is the 4 dials that can read Level, Plumb, cross-check, and 45 degrees. It also comes with in-built head swivels that can project a laser dot vertically and horizontally, up to 100ft. It is made up of an aluminum frame that supports maximum accuracy and durability. The soft-sided pouch will always keep the laser level clean and well-protected, especially when the device is not in use.

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Accuracy, Power Class of Magnetic Torpedo Laser Levels for Builders

In addition to its durable design, there are many other desirable features that stand Magnetic torpedo lase levels out of the competition. The accuracy range of this laser level type makes it the best laser level for builders. For instance, the accuracies of these laser levels vary from+ or – ½” at 20 feet to + or – 1/8” at 50 feet. These accuracies are higher than most line laser levels out there and it also makes them more reliable. Though the ideal Magnetic Torpedo Laser Level comes with 4 Plumb vials, you can also find them in 2 and 3 plumb vials. This laser level comes with 3 AA batteries, but you can find smaller ones operating on 2AAbatteries and you must confirm the battery size before you buy the laser level.

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What Other Things You Should Know About Magnetic Torpedo Laser Level

The 3AA batteries included can provide up to 50 hours of power to support your work, though, the 2AA batteries found on lower options can support between 30 and 40 hours of power or operation. The range of the laser level may vary from 30-100 feet. The laser class varies from Class IIa to Class IIIa. The 3 simultaneous 90-degree laser beams for Plumb, Level, and square reference points allow a wider space to be covered, making it the best laser level for builders who want to save time and energy.

Most Magnetic Torpedo laser levels come with manual vials for operation, you can still find some models with automatic self-leveling features. It produces mostly red lasers and its wavelength could reach 635 nm with +or- 10nm extra. The laser level also has a power capacity range of less than or equals to 5 mW. The operational temperature range for this laser level is a 14-113F degree. The laser level got its name with the attached string magnetic base that provides more versatility and ease of usage. With the magnetic base, the laser level can be attached to the tripod mount plus V-groove frame that can fit pipes and conduits. This is the best self leveling laser level you can ask for when it comes to all kinds of laser level applications for the indoor and outdoor.

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