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Sketchfab Interactive 3D Model Showcase Integration


Tired of needing photos or videos to show off your product designs? Want an easy way to display your latest work to the world? Then look no further!

Product Design Hub is happy to announce that it has teamed up with the guys at Sketchfab to offer you the chance to showcase your models in fully interactive 3D.

When posting in our forums, you will notice a new button in the text box that will allow you to embed Sketchfab models. Simply hit this, select the model you’d like to embed, and away you go!


As you may have guessed, to be able to do this you’ll need to create an account on Sketchfab and upload the models you wish to display first. But don’t worry! Basic accounts are free, and offer the following exciting features:

• Unlimited uploads of models below 50MB
• Support for all regular materials, shaders, textures and transparency, as well as normal, specular, diffuse and bump maps
• Support for 27 native 3D formats
• Plugins to publish directly from all the major 3D packages (3ds Max, Maya, Blender, etc)
• Support for large models (currently models above 5 million polys)
• HDR environments for image-based lighting and reflection
• And many more features on the way!

We’re very excited to bring this great new feature to all user of Product Design Hub. You’ll find a few of the more popular Sketchfab models below, so you can see just what this system is capable of…

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  • Michael Aldridge June 27, 2013, 6:10 am

    ooooOOO… This sounds very interesting, I will be checking it out! I can think of a 101 designs I could display this way. Provided it works!

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