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New 3D Printing Template Marketplace Attempts to Commoditize 3D printing with the help of Designers and a Growing Printing Network

With 3D printing growing at a rate that is much faster than many people expected, the idea that the consumer market will be greatly impacted very soon by 3D printing isn’t a thought that is too far fetched. With the ability to print in a rage from gold to abs plastic, many consumer goods fall under the printable category. As 3D printing goes in the direction of the everyday consumer, there is an obvious gap that will need to be bridged.  Where will everyday consumers who do not have the ability to design the products they would like to print.


3DLT bridges this gap. 3DLT.com is an online marketplace for 3D printable templates. We provide content for 3D printing by partnering with industrial designers. Like an iStockphoto for 3D printing, 3DLT provides consumers with a web site where they can discover and purchase 3D printable designs. Buyers can download files and even have them printed through  growing 3DLT network of local and industrial printers. With a large network of 3D printers, 3DLT is able to push the price of 3D printing down while making it available to the general public.  3DLT is not just a marketplace. It is an innovation accelerator that allows individuals to develop their product much faster than in traditional methods.

3DLT will be Launching at TechCrunch Disrupt in New York City on April 29th and is looking to expand their marketplace and community of designers. They are Offering designers who would like to sign up before the launch the two commission reward plans below.



3DLT has an aggressive marketing strategy that includes giving away thousands of $10 site gift cards each month for the remainder of 2013. During this time they’ll be paying designers 30% commission on all sales. But designers who upload two files per month from March through the remainder of 2013 will receive 70% commission for life, beginning January, 2014*.

*Terms & Conditions apply. See 3DLT Author Agreement for details.



3DLT.com will officially launch at TechCrunch Disrupt in New York on April 29, 2013. They are expecting a significant amount of traffic at launch and think it will only grow from there. 3DLT needs your help to fill out their catalog now. Upload 25 files or more by the end of March, 2013, and they will waive the two file per month requirement. You’ll receive 30% commission through the remainder of 2013, and be locked in to receive 70% commission for life, beginning January, 2014.*

*Terms & Conditions apply. See 3DLT Author Agreement for details.


ACT NOW by Registering!

To learn more, please register here. 3DLT will set up a video chat or phone call to learn more about you and share more about their program.

3DLT has the ability to change the industry and the potential to change the world. This is a great opportunity for Industrial Designers to get started by attacking a niche. If you have a passion to design in a certain area then go for it. Whether it’s Jewelry, toys, glasses, aftermarket car parts, or tools, this is your chance to take over your niche.


About the author: Macon Speed is a student at The University of Arkansas (studying Finance and Entrepreneurship) who has started and operated a collection of online businesses. He is now part of the 3DLT team.

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  • Becky @ Crawler Carriers March 30, 2013, 1:32 am

    I just found a website that is offering custom action figure heads made from photos of you made with a 3D printer and it’s really accurate. Granted the models are done well but the prints being so small are amazing. That little business could pay for a machine in no time. So cool.

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