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Top 5 Criteria to Select your Outsourcing Product Design (OPD) Partner

To enter an emerging market like India, a company’s success depends directly on the development of unique and customized products for the end-customer. This holds true whether an existing product is redesigned or a new product is evolved specifically for this market. Both situations demand thorough knowledge on various parameters pertaining to the target market. As described in the previous article “Engineering Design Considerations for Entering India Market”, these comprise five parameters:

  • Cultural blend
  • Government regulations
  • Industrial standards
  • Competitors’ foothold
  • Prevailing manufacturing ecosystem

Understanding these parameters with less or no presence in the target market is not only a challenge but is an expensive assignment complete with various risk factors.

To mitigate these risks, outsourcing of product design has become a strategic initiative. This leads to the importance of identifying and engaging with the right partner as it has the potential to develop into a long term symbiotic relationship built on the foundation of trust, competency, and understanding.


We present five essential criteria for evaluating the right product design partner:


Product Design Needs’ “Fit”

When evaluating an OPD partner, check that they have the necessary competence in your industry.  This is of paramount importance as it will induce the vendor to deliver a holistic solution.

This was evident with one of our customers who needed an alternate design for a rotary filler machine that had limitation in accessing machine parts for cleaning and servicing.

We looked at the requirement holistically and designed a concept with a new drive to operate from the top of the machine in contrast to the prevailing industry standard of the drive system being at the bottom. This not only resulted in spacious layout, facilitating better cleaning and servicing but also enabled the customer to integrate this system better with the rest of the production line, in addition to improving reliability and higher production capacity.

This innovation design not only met the customer’s requirements but succeeded in ‘customer delight’ as well!


Experience in the client’s target industry

Check if your potential OPD partner has the necessary background in your target market and knowledge about your product(s). This will enable them to develop product concepts which will match with the actual target customer needs.

One of our customer manufacturing capping machines wanted us to position their product for India market & requested us to suggest design changes as per the native market need.


Having dealt with many companies in the food and beverage industry, we had proactively suggested a drive specification and indexing mechanism for the machine that reaped a three-fold benefit: 35% reduction in production costs, decreased time-to-market and better market penetration relative to the competition. The quick solution would have been next to impossible if BWIR didn’t have the knowledge on the product speed and through put of these machines as used by the Indian customer as per their market demand.  If you’re looking for additional information on how we can assist you with an OPD challenge, please register here


Presence in the geography

Check if your potential OPD partner has presence in your target geography – India.  Their presence in the Indian geography will enable you to design a product based on the manufacturing and vendor ecosystem available in India.

Your OPD partner will be able to design your product in India for India – based on the availability of the standard material, purchase parts, manufacturing capability, testing procedures and facilities. With thorough knowledge of these considerations, the product designed will be the best-fit for the market, reducing the overall time, effort, and costs.


Multi-disciplinary offerings

Engaging a partner for entering the Indian market is a long term strategy and is really more of a relationship than a one-time transaction. Hence, it is imperative for you to evaluate the credentials, expertise, knowledge and the multi-disciplinary offerings of your potential OPD partner across the product design area. Your potential partner must be capable of conducting tests to validate the performance of the product in the local market environments.

Ultimately an end-to-end product design offering with manufacturing and testing support would be an ideal outsourcing product design partner.


Being a reliable partner

A partner’s reliability in a geography ensures the confidentially and intellectual property of any OPD project. This is especially true for product design projects as they are research intensive involving specialists and R&D engineers.  A ‘reliability check’ can be carried out by checking the partner’s long-term customer references. At BWIR, we have customers for whom we have successfully completed product designs, product introductions and followed-up with after-sales and support assignments. We have a trusted relationship with our customers. In addition to the five factors stated above, there are other factors to consider in an outsourcing partnership, such as:

  • Certifications
  • Availability of best-in class infrastructure
  • Financial health
  • Diverse skill sets and competency of the workforce
  • Compatible systems and processes

While the last few factors are suggestions, the 5 key criteria are must-haves for any outsourcing vendor for your product design and launch to be successful in the emerging market.


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The writer is handling the business operations for the European Market and provides engineering and design consultancy for the countries strategizing to enter emerging markets like India. You can reach him at vivek.maladkar@bwir.com or the below contact number for any queries.


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