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Breaking the Ordinary Designer Cycle

Ordinary designers are all around us. Many have a certain flair in their work. But it is hard and challenging for them to break the mould of being ordinary. To achieve top notch quality, it is black magic. Some are capable, others find it beyond them.

High craftsmanship is not easy to achieve. Ordinary designers face enormous challenges when attempting to create distinct and strong quality work. So much time is required to learn, practice and develop the required skills. But there is much to learn in the world of design and technology. It is a painful process that so many people will give up very easily.

Some people sacrifice months in their room to produce a clean free hand drawing. Some people sacrifice many years at University to scratch the surface of professional standards. I have known many designers who have spent their career moving in and out of the design industry producing only a mediocre standard of work.

Everyone was once young, with no skills, experience or knowledge. Even the superstar designer started out without the ability to draw. Yet, with persistence, they have been able to master a repertoire of fine skills in creating truly inspiring work.

There are many people who are ordinary and average. This article is about supporting them. Everyone was once a beginner, without basic skills and experience. I am interested in supporting them to break the cycle of an ordinary designer.

Do you feel like an ordinary designer, trying to break the mould? I would like to hear your experience. How hard is it for you in your journey? What did you sacrifice?


About the author: Huu Huynh is a design & technology teacher with a background in industrial design. If you like this article, follow him on twitter @bowlofnoodle and visit his portfolio website.

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