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Top 3 Free Online Educational Resources for Product Design Students

There are a plethora of high-quality online courses and other educational resources popping up on the internet these days. Stanford, Harvard, Berkeley, MIT, and many other big name schools now provide some of their best undergraduate and graduate courses to online students, for free. Some of the top-notch educational content on the web includes courses, tutorials, and videos for product design students and practicing industrial/product designers. If you’re a product design student who wants to learn more about your field or you’re a product designer who would like to brush up on essential concepts, check out these top educational resources:

1. MIT OpenCourseWare

MIT offers a number of free product design courses on its OpenCourseWare site. Many of MIT’s offerings are graduate-level courses that are mostly project-based, and they’re primarily meant for those who already have some knowledge of how products are designed. If you want to take your knowledge of product design to a new level or learn how to design specific products like toys and yachts, don’t miss what MIT has to offer on its OpenCourseWare site.

2. Stanford University’s eCorner

There are a number of educational videos and portions of courses on Stanford University’s eCorner that are meant for product designers and those interested in learning more about product design. Much of what’s available on Stanford University’s eCorner focuses on the entrepreneurial side of industrial and product design. If you’re interested in learning about which kinds of product designs consumers like and what kind of creative techniques you’ll need to use to make best-selling products, the educational videos on eCorner will be right up your alley.

3. Expert Village’s YouTube Page

Expert Village’s YouTube page offers a number of how-to videos for those interested in designing and creating simple products. To find these videos, you simply need to search for “industrial design” on this organization’s YouTube page. Expert Village’s industrial design videos are ideal for beginning designers who want to learn how to make basic products and draw out the plans for those products before they make them. Expert Village is run by the same people who run eHow. As you might expect, its videos are hit or miss, just like much of the content on eHow’s main website. So, you may have to dig around to find Expert Villages most helpful videos, but they are definitely there.

Free online education is just in the beginning stages of development. It will be exciting to see what new educational resources pop up to help product designers optimize what they do. The three resources listed above can serve as valuable tools in the lives of industrial designers. So, give them a try, and expand your mind and skill set!


About the author: Angelita Williams is a freelance writer and education enthusiast who frequently contributes to onlinecollegecourses.com. She strives to instruct her readers and enrich their lives and welcomes you to contact her at angelita.williams7@gmail.com if you have any questions or comments.

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