How many tech companies today can claim they produce products and services that don’t become outdated and obsolete within a year or two?

by Alexander Wastney February 2, 2014

When I think back at the devices I’ve purchased over the last 7 years it scares me to count the products I have been through – 4 cameras, 3 speaker systems, 3 computers, 4 laptops, 5 portable music players, 3 gaming consoles and 5 cell phones! And I’m not even that “into” tech or gadgets! […]

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Steps to Consider when Designing a New product

by Bill Amberg September 2, 2013

You may have the best idea in the world, but unless you follow the tried and tested principles of product design, it’s unlikely to become the successful, marketable item you envisage. Here, we take you through the key stages you must take into account when designing a new product: Strategic enquiry and orientation While, as […]

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Is Contemporary Industrial Design a Form of Art or Engineering?

by Kirby Downey August 25, 2013
LED1 Lamp Designed By Tunto

The oxford dictionary defines design as a plan or drawing produced to show the look and function or workings of a building, garment or other object before it is made. Industrial design pertains to the same concept for products that are mass produced and distributed to the average person. If this is how industrial design […]

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3D Printing and Intellectual Property

by Tim Mount August 13, 2013

Three-dimensional printing Printing with multiple layers of material (instead of two dimensional dots or lines of ink) is commonly known as 3D-printing, because the resulting print-outs are three-dimensional objects.  These objects will need to be printed from digital templates either produced from virtual models or from digitized capture of existing three-dimensional objects.  The material used […]

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dig-8: Teaching Product Development & Entrepreneurship in Chicago Public Schools

by Jessie Mumgaard August 3, 2013
Project DIG Logo Edits

Solving a problem through design research, brainstorming, and, ultimately, coming up with a big idea that incorporates design, manufacturing considerations, and marketing plans (and, later, getting to manufacture and sell one selected design) is unheard of for the majority of 8th grade students. Add the fact that they pitch their ideas and plans to real […]

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