Auto Motive: Felix Holst on Making the Most of an Industrial Design Career

by Kimberly Holland January 31, 2017
industrial design career Hot Wheels Felix Holst

Felix Holst always knew he wanted to design cars: “As a kid, I always loved art, but I also loved making things. From the age of 4, I wanted to be a car designer.” As a founding partner at Hack Rod and a former vice president of design at Mattel, Holst has made that car-designer […]

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Thinking of studying Product Design?

by Nick Chubb December 1, 2016
studying product design

Studying Product Design at University Studying Product Design at University is a big decision. I was recently invited by Arts Thread to deliver a talk at the V&A Museum as part of London Design Festival, inspiring young people in design. The talk was titled ‘Thinking of studying design?’ and was aimed at 16-24 year old’s […]

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Industrial Design Portfolio Tips For New Designers

by Nick Chubb August 17, 2016
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Industrial Design Portfolio Tips There seems to be a consensus among Industrial Design professionals recently that a gap exists between what lecturers are telling students, and what consultancies and brands are looking for with regard to design portfolios. In an effort to close this gap I gave a talk at this years New Designers Exhibition at […]

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Against Design Fads: Why Do We Use Materials That Are Inappropriate For Their Application?

by César Bejarano August 14, 2016
Elepahnt Ear by Willy Guhl

Designers are inherently creative. And with creativity comes a thirst for knowledge and experimentation. We think: “How can we make this object better? How many ways are there to solve this problem and which one is better? What can I do with this material to push it further?” And those are excellent questions. Necessary questions. […]

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A Bugs Take | Insects Affecting my Design

by Herald Ureña May 25, 2016

    After doing a short stint in Costa Rica, I headed out to freelance in Bangkok during late 2014, soon enough I landed in Singapore. These experiences didn’t have much in common in terms of projects given, but lately I’ve noticed a strange bridge between them, the fact that I’ve had to design things […]

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Putting the human back into ‘human-centric’ design

by Danielle Whitburn February 29, 2016

Screened devices, programs and apps are often touted as ‘human-centric’; after all, we exist in the middle of their screens. Swipe technology, rounded corners, and dimmed or faded lighting are purported to humanize the mediums in which we type words and interact with pixelated images and faces millions of miles away. Often, we can use […]

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How To Write a Product-Brief

by Yariv Sade August 1, 2015

A product-brief is one of the most important elements in a product design project. The product-brief is a plan and a compass – it defines the product’s goals and attributes, and shows you where to go. The product-brief has a great impact on the product’s quality and character, and the project’s efficiency. The product-brief writing is […]

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Product Design – Functional or Styling?

by Kamila Miller May 11, 2015

Good product design is more than looking “cool”; exciting, stylish products are not necessarily well designed. An experienced designer can’t see a conflict between the function of the product and its appearance. On the contrary, designers often use the functionality as a starting point for the external design, creating beautiful products that work…perfectly. If you […]

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Six Major Distinctions Many People Can’t Make Between Art and Design

by Will Gibson April 13, 2015

This is a rudimentary question that gets overlooked by those who’ve been familiar with the two occupations and their distinctions. I’ve learned that it’s often for others to scratch their head when I inform them that I’ve got a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Industrial Design with a focus in Product Design. Do I […]

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