3 Essential Questions for Successful Product Design

by Naomi Stevens July 22, 2013
product designs

Many small businesses start from a product design concept, whether they are planning on producing small items like plastic bottles to large items like furniture, they all need to consider the following questions for a successful product. What is my product? Silly question, but one that is fundamental to ensuring the correct product development. Having […]

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Kickstarting product design: episode #2 WHAT?

by Jelmer Riemersma July 17, 2013

Kickstarting product design is a series of blog posts that documents the process of crowdfunding a product design project by Dutch product design firm Veeel. This second post is all about “What?”  Since we launched our product – The Belll – on crowdfunding platform Kickstarter we have been getting a lot of attention. People from all around the world contacted us to […]

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Kickstarting product design: episode #1 WHY?

by Jelmer Riemersma July 12, 2013

Kickstarting product design is a series of blog posts that documents the process of crowdfunding a product design project by Dutch design firm Veeel. This first post gives answers to their reasons “Why?” Having been in the product design business for years we have seen a fair share of designs leave our office in the hands of others. That is […]

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Sketchfab Interactive 3D Model Showcase Integration

by Waikit Chung June 25, 2013

Tired of needing photos or videos to show off your product designs? Want an easy way to display your latest work to the world? Then look no further! Product Design Hub is happy to announce that it has teamed up with the guys at Sketchfab to offer you the chance to showcase your models in […]

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Is 3D Printing the Future of Innovation or Asking for Trouble?

by Jessica Aiko Vann May 29, 2013

3D Printing has been around since the 80’s when it was invented by Chuck Hull.  Traditionally used by big companies the cost varied from $100,000 to a $1 million, but has recently been made available to the masses.  Now, an industrial 3D Printer can be purchased for $15,000 and a home version for a little […]

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Trainer InfiniteSkills Releases Rhino 5 Tutorial Series for Product Design

by Chris Johns April 29, 2013

The Canada-based training company InfiniteSkills Inc has developed a 27-hour training video series on the newest version Rhinoceros 3D, the popular NURBS-based design and modeling suite developed by Robert McNeel & Associates. With both a beginner-targeted and more advanced course, the company has launched its two titles individually on DVD-ROM for $99.95 and as a […]

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Looking for a Product Designer?

by Mike Ayre April 11, 2013

In a recent article, BU99 outlined some of the key qualities of particularly productive creative types. We’re inclined to agree with the skills they’ve identified and wanted to share them with you – along with some real life examples where Crucible Industrial Design has demonstrated those skills with incredible results. If you’re looking to outsource a product […]

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New 3D Printing Template Marketplace Attempts to Commoditize 3D printing with the help of Designers and a Growing Printing Network

by Macon Speed March 14, 2013

With 3D printing growing at a rate that is much faster than many people expected, the idea that the consumer market will be greatly impacted very soon by 3D printing isn’t a thought that is too far fetched. With the ability to print in a rage from gold to abs plastic, many consumer goods fall […]

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Measuring Creativity in Design Law: Apple v. Samsung

by IMPRS-CI January 22, 2013

After three days of deliberations last summer, a jury in northern California found Samsung had infringed several of Apple’s design and utility patents, awarding Apple over one billion dollars in damages (Verdict Form #22). Yet the decision is just one small piece of a mosaic of related intellectual property disputes between the tech titans that […]

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TECA Studio Roadtrip

by Dina Guth December 24, 2012

As one of the first UK Design companies to establish ourselves in China the experiences and adventures over the years have been exiting and at times bewildering but always memorable. We first decided to drive ourselves in China after years of scary taxi rides, the crunch came when we were trying to return to Shenzhen […]

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How 3D Scanners Give Engineers Digital Accuracy Across a Range of Different Design Projects

by Doug Thomas December 19, 2012

Project managers overseeing design, prototyping, replicating and reverse engineering projects turn to advanced 3D scanners for the accuracy and usability they need to make their projects a success.  The Konica Minolta RANGE 7 3D laser scanner is an example of an instrument that returns highly accurate measurements in a host of different applications. Using advanced […]

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