Plastic Injection Molding
CNC Machining
Rapid Prototyping


Molded-in Inserts
Custom Colors
FDA / Medical Grade Resins
Unlimited Undercuts
Internal / External Threads
Multi Component Assemblies
Tight Tolerances

-Low-volume, quick-turn custom parts delivered as little as 1-15 days.

-Lifetime Mold Guarantee means unlimited plastic parts for the life of your project.

-24 /7 Online Interactive Quoting System – Quotes within Hours NOT DAYS!

-In-House Tooling Department reduces down-time and additional tooling costs.

Welcome to Xcentric Mold, where we believe your parts should be created the way they were intended and the way they were designed. We pride ourselves on the high quality custom parts that leave our facility. We have designed our system to incorporate the finest mold makers in the industry and have taught them everything there is to know about plastics.

We stand behind the custom parts we manufacture with our Lifetime Mold Guarantee. When your parts come through our door we provide complete oversight from the mold design to manufacturing of your custom parts. So whether you are looking for 25 sample parts for testing or low-volume production we guarantee your mold for the life of your project. This means Unlimited Parts without the worry of re-tooling or mold repair costs.

Rapid prototyping uses many different processes and materials to produce a functional 3D model. Our rapid prototyping capabilities include SLA, SLS and FDM, each offering different qualities and advantages that are best suited for your rapid prototyping needs.

XpressCut specializes in fast CNC machined parts. No matter what kind of part you need, no matter how complicated, we’ll put it in your hands-fast with quick and efficient CNC machining.


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