Our design capabilities enable innovative individuals the tools to turn thoughts into tangeable conceptive visualizations.

Walters Design has an excellent pedigree creating successful products through innovative design, and working with cutting edge start-up businesses as well as established market leaders. Our experience is diverse – ranging from medical, telecoms, military and security to retail consumer, sport and leisure products.

We work with entrepeneurs, start-ups and companies of all sizes to create and develop innovative new products. We deliver design-led, relevant product solutions focused on the requirements and desired experience of the end user.
Our engineers are involved throughout the design process to ensure our concepts are viable and cost-effective to manufacture. Conversely, our experienced designers maintain close contact with the manufacturing team to ensure production is fluid and efficient.

Our market knowledge and team input supports our own research for us to develop a range of conceptual designs, CAD based product design, 3D modelling and prototyping to appeal to the target market without compromising function.

At Walters design, we work closely with our clients and help invent new products, investigate technologies, prototype ideas and simply get things made.


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