Federico Restrepo, Brand and Design Consultant
Federico is born in Colombia (Bogota) in 1962.
His father was a remarkable Columbian architect and his mother was Art Director at Desgrippes in Paris.
From his French side his environment was mainly artistic with his grand father Hervé Baille painter of the French Navy and hisa great-grandfather Henri-Paul Nenot awarded by the Academy of Architecture of the ‘Grand Prix de Rome’.
For more than 29 years now, as Designer and Art Director, Federico has been working for the top league brands.
More than being considered as an expert in Beauty domain Federico is also very much demanded as Corporate Brand Consultant by Luxury brands of different sectors of activities (Champagne and Spirits, Fashion and Leather Accessories, Watches and Jewelry brands…). Designing packaging, logotypes, brand visual identity are also included in his domain of competence.


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