RapidKeypads.com is a custom capacitive touch keypad and graphic overlay design and manufacturing service. Our research into digitally printing conductive films, rapid prototyping and capacitive touch interfaces led to the filing of 13 patents and acquisition of several pieces of state of the art equipment through which we can provide our clients with a custom capacitive touch keypad in five days or less!
Superior to mechanical membrane switches, these keypads have no moving parts associated with them. Moreover, the capacitive sensors can be placed underneath non-conductive materials such as glass, acrylic, gorilla glass, ABS plastic, etc. making them virtually indestructible.
RapidKeypads.com has been providing such capacitive touch interface solutions to clients in a range of industries such Aerospace, medical, industrial, consumer electronics etc. Our keypads can communicate button presses via USB, SPI, I2C, RS232, RS485 or any other custom protocols. Using our patent pending FORE LIGHT technology, these interfaces can also be lit uniformly while maintaining a thin profile.
RapidKeypads.com also possesses a strong electrical, mechanical and software engineering skills in addition to our graphic overlay design capabilities. This has enabled us to understand our clients better and in some cases provide our clients with a complete control system solution.


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