Oitenta is a product design and development studio that works to help companies, entrepreneur projects to carry on with their ideas in a functional, creative, original and personal way, transforming those ideas into real products for areas such as furniture design, merchandising and corporate gifts design, packaging and any other manufacturable or handcrafted products.

Our name, that we decided on a long series of cafeteria meetings, reflects our roots; We are Galicians and we were born with the Michael Jackson, Pacman and Playmobil´s decade.

We imagine, design and develop products. You may think that Oitenta is an ideas factory working along two production lines.

The first, and main production line, is Oitenta as a design and creativity studio.We provide our services to companies and entrepreneurs, helping them to carry on with their ideas and projects in the best way, working together closely to achieve the best solutions, working as a team. We are specialists in product design and development and we´ve participated in projects in areas such as street and interior furniture design, merchandising and corporate gifts design, packaging or exhibition design for fairs and events.

We want to be our client´s design department. Explain to us what you have in mind and we will work it out with you. Contact us.

Moreover, we have plenty of ideas that we try to develop for people like you. We imagine and create products that connect with people through an emotional, functional and aesthetical perspective.

That´s why we create our own products, completely created by us to make your life better, more original and personal. We want to provide solutions to everyday problems and offer to you great quality, versatile and lifelong products.


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