ML Engraving is the European leader in the laser engraving of superficial textures on moulds for plastic or rubber products.
The exclusive working process developed by our R&D Dept and called D.R.E® – Design Rendering Engineering provides the Style Center or the designer with the most accurate services of co-design:

– chosing the perfect texture – we can start from your creative idea, a handmade draft or a physical sample and urn it into a “texture file”;
– mapping the texture on the file of the model of the object and adjusting the texture to perfectly fit the model;
– creating the 3D Render that is the preview of the final product;
– processing the 3D Render that goes directly to the laser machine. This guarrantees that the final engraving will be the same of the 3D Render.

Laser technology and D.R.E® process make ML Engraving the only Company that can create 3D textures on moulds for aesthetic or functional purposes (i.e. anti-slippery effect).

ML Engraving offers a sustainable, accurate and innovative technology that allows to create the most curious and daring projects.

Free your mind, technology is at your service!


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