Catalyst Product Development, Inc. was started by designers, engineers, and manufacturers for designers, engineers, and manufacturers. We understand development cycles, trade show milestones, plan-o-grams, budget constraints, tight dead lines. We know the feeling of victory in being first to market and the rush of adrenaline that a successful product launch brings.

The Catalyst business model was born from the frustration of product development cycles that took entirely too long to produce results.

We concluded long ago that there had to be a better process than one with continually-changing marketing specs, never-ending prototype iterations, stressful production staff meetings, seemingly infinite tooling lead times, and the ever-popular last minute “we have to have this ready for the next tradeshow” memo from management.

And, we believed that there needed to be an alternative to the design firms that stated they understood concept through production—but clearly did not.

We knew there was a better way, and so we started Catalyst to prove it.


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