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While that the release of press releases is among the most commonly used Public Relations tool, however, it's only one of many methods to get free publicity. There are alternatives to consider.

Articles written on the internet are written on your subject of interest. They could be published on the internet or in niche magazines that cater to your specific business. In addition to getting your name into publications, writing articles quickly makes you an authority in your area of expertise. This can have two benefits. Customers begin to trust your brand and are more likely to purchase from you, rather than your competitors. Two, journalists look to you for advice when they write their own articles about your business and give you free publicity. Are you looking pr agencies in delhi
Create an interactive column of expert advice and respond to common questions from your readers and the public. This provides you with a way to direct interaction with your clients and earn their confidence. It makes you an expert whom reporters rely on for advice and forecasts.

Look for opportunities to give a talk at events in the public domain that are focused on your business. Chambers of commerce in your area are a good starting point. Public speaking is similar to making a cold call to a captive audience. It allows you to speak to many people at the same time. Of course, you're acknowledged by the public as an authority. go For The delhi pr agencies

Letters to the Editor are often regarded as a source of publicity for free. Because fewer people compete in this area your odds of getting published are greater. Often, your letter might be published with editorial commentary or have others commenting on your views. This lets you keep the conversation going while keeping your name and your views on the page for a longer period of time. This also gives you the opportunity to maintain a rapport with an editor, assisting you to pitch your next story for publication. Visit Here for the pr agency delhi