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Wait! Cough! I promise that the Plum Bamboo Committee will design the Plum Bamboo Pants next time! Cough! Cough! The hot dog shits in a hurry and clings to the wall. "Lying," the orcs roared in unison, and thirty stinks were shot at us. We were scared to death, and we were covered with fresh and hot little things. The kingdom smelled the stink, did not hesitate, immediately put on the supreme acid underwear, all the orcs immediately pretended not to see the stench of the kingdom's big devil, but rushed towards us! "Die this time!" I wanted to cry, but I didn't dare to open my mouth and cry loudly, lest I didn't even have a chance to bite my tongue and commit suicide. "Fight to the death!" Liao Guojun grabbed the crossbow of the hot dog shit, but before an arrow was fired,classroom interactive whiteboard, he was stuck to his body by several orcs, and the crossbow fell to the ground. Worm had no choice but to try to lift the heavy axe, but the axe did not move. He had no choice but to start defecating again, and then he was thrown to the ground by the orc. Oh my God! Our virgins are going to fall on the third floor of the eighth house of Jiaotong University! "Get down!" A calm roar. What a trustworthy and familiar voice! I saw a man in a white towel, with an aluminum baseball bat in his hand,75 inch smart board, standing solemnly at the end of the corridor. It's a white bath towel, Yang Fengfeng! "Ghosts!" I screamed. Then he saw a big push of white powder in Yang Fengfeng's hand, which immediately flooded the whole corridor. The taste of white powder is so familiar, ah! Yes! It's the ashes bag that the kingdom left on the second floor stairs! I have passed the test of not dying by jumping from a building, and I have come to help you. Plug your ears. Yang Fengfeng said lightly. I roared, "Why are you littering the ashes?"! Don't you see we're being stabbed to death? Yang Fengfeng took out a lighter and said coldly, "I feel this Mormon.." Click and rub. "It's going to explode." Yang Fengfeng. A flash of fire flashed in the smoke of ashes. Boom! All the wooden doors in the corridor were dented, and the whole third floor was shaken. It's a dust explosion! My eardrums are almost broken! The smoke gradually cleared and the ashes fell. All the lewd orcs fainted to the ground, smart board for conference room ,digital interactive whiteboard, presumably because the explosion had blown their eardrums. "Good for you." I gasped and put on my pants, while the rest of my companions were busy pushing down the lewd orcs lying on their bodies. "I can't do it without me." Yang Fengfeng smiled and the aluminum baseball bat in his hand was shining. Adventure journey, only a short journey from the third floor to the fourth floor. I looked at the lewd orcs foaming at the mouth all over the floor, thinking that it was really dangerous just now. If Yang Fengfeng, the white bath towel, had come a minute later, our fragile human shell would have been inserted a few holes! "Thank goodness you made it!" I was in a cold sweat. "Well, a few more steps and the kingdom could be in the grip of acid underpants forever." Looking coldly at the kingdom dancing in the Swan Lake, Yang Feng-feng pulled the sour underpants off his head and said bitterly, "It's so wrong for him to keep the sour underpants. Only an imbecile would really be confused by the unstoppable stink of sour underpants." After the kingdom was pulled out of its sour underpants, it stood still and repented. My sword is broken! Broken?? Liao Guojun roared in disbelief. "Now it's time to go up to the fourth floor. Well, it's almost over." A pale smile appeared on the dying face of the hot dog. Are there any new enemies on the fourth floor? Is there anything more terrible than a harlot? I said uneasily. "I'm afraid there is." Yang Fengfeng thought to himself. Is it a super orc? Super Obscene Orc 2? Super Obscene Orc 3? Super Obscene Orc Ensemble? What is it? What's on the fourth floor? I am full of anger! Liao Guojun angrily brandished the colorful Heavenly Sword. "I don't know. It's just that when I just came up, I passed by Silicone's dormitory and found that he and the bald man were no longer there. I'm afraid they've gone to the fourth floor to kill us. Silicone and the bald man can't be underestimated." Although Yang Fengfeng said so, his face looked worried and afraid, and his brain was really broken. "Come on, there's nothing to be afraid of in football. I just found out that the way to kill them quickly is to throw the football down the window. Those idiots will just chase the ball and jump down the window." I say.
Yang Feng-feng nodded approvingly and said, "In fact, there's no need to worry too much. It's really time to decide who is better than me. I'm also very interested in the results." Leave the bald man to me! Look whose muscles are big! Liao Guojun roared angrily and simply took off his coat. It seemed that there would be a good show of fists to meat. "All right, I'll leave it to you." In fact, Yang Feng-cheng was too lazy to pay attention to Liao Kuo-chun's muscle stick. He added, "Don't pay any attention to fighting. Just go and find that powerful washing machine. Remember to supervise the kingdom and the dead warden to throw the sour underwear down and wash it." "We will not be fooled by acid underpants again." The kingdom said to Chien Lin-liang resentfully. The hot dog pooped and coughed mysteriously, as if there was something to do. "Just in case, take it." Yang Fengfeng walked into a bedroom where the door was broken by dust explosion and gave me a bag of washing powder. "Hurry up and have a dozen. I'm starving." The belly worm touched his belly and said sadly. We walked slowly up to the fourth floor carefully. I was so scared that I couldn't predict what would happen. From the moment I heard the horror story of acid underpants, I had a vague idea that a big adventure was inevitable, and I had a vague idea of what we would encounter on the second and third floors. I seem to have seen all this in the cinema? But now, a completely unpredictable sense of fear almost spurted out of me. "I haven't seen the third film yet." I trembled and realized the fact. "Don't panic. I'm the same. I haven't even read the original." Yang Fengfeng's calmness. On the floor of the fourth floor, there was no loud pacing,65 inch touch screen, no wild roaring, and the corridor was quiet on the surface, but there was a strong chill!. hsdsmartboard.com