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Zhao Gou held Qin Zhen in his arms like coaxing a child and let her fall asleep gradually. In the middle of the night, when the cool summer breeze blew in from the window pane, Qin Zhen suddenly woke up and found himself lying in Zhao Gou's arms with misty eyes. As soon as he looked up, Zhao Gou leaned against the head of the bed, sleeping soundly, and today he was very busy. Qin really distressed raised his hand to touch Zhao Gou's cheek, Zhao Gou When they woke up, they looked at each other affectionately, and both of them smiled. Zhao Gou, "Qin Zhen shouted, Zhao Gou looked at her, indicating that he was listening, so Qin Zhen continued to say:" I think of a lot of sad past events today, only to find that you are the best person in the world besides the master. " "A sad past?" Zhao Gou was puzzled and asked, "We met when we were six years old. What sad memories do you have? How come I don't know?" Qin Zhen said faintly, "It's the past of a previous life." In my previous life, I had a bad fate, lost my loved ones and was cheated and abandoned by my lover, and I was lonely all my life.. Seeing the desolate expression on her face, Zhao Gou was very distressed. He hugged her hand and said, "The past is gone. I will accompany you for a lifetime in this life. I will never be separated, nor will I cheat and abandon you.." Qin Zhen nodded gratefully and excitedly in her arms,Theobromine Powder, thinking that this is the chance that God has given me a real rebirth, and I want to cherish it. Then she heard Zhao Gou say, "I can't remember what my previous life was like, but I pray not only in this life, but also in the next life with you, life after life.." From generation to generation, from generation to generation, Qin Zhen murmured that happiness was incomparable. Zhao Gou's tender and deep eyes surrounded Qin Zhen, when Zhao Gou's hot lips pressed down,Thyroid Powder Factory, she had no resistance, a night of charm. When the summer cicadas chirped on the branches, Qin Zhen woke up, and she was the only one on the broad and soft dragon bed. She moved a little, and the maid outside the window knew. "How are you, Empress," said a maid of honor. Qin Zhen lifted the curtain and looked up. "What time is it?" He asked? Have the people from my palace come? "Empress Hui," replied the maid, "it's already a quarter of an hour. Sister Wanqiu in Niangniang's palace is already waiting outside. Do you want the maidservant to ask her to come in and serve her? Qin Zhen nodded and asked her to call Wan Qiu. She complained shyly, "Why is it so late? No one called me." Another maid of honor said, "Before the emperor left, he told the empress to work hard last night and not to let the maidservant call you." Qin Zhen's face was hot, and he felt weak and painful all over his body, and his face burned even worse. Fortunately, Wan Qiu arrived at this time, Thyroid Powder Factory ,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, she immediately said: "Wan Qiu, quickly wash and change clothes for me, but also to pay their respects to the empress Dowager, all this time, must be faster." Wan Qiu ordered the young ladies in the back to fetch water and clothes. "Don't panic, Empress Dowager," she said. "Empress Dowager Wei sent word that if it's not convenient for her, she shouldn't go there. It's important for her health." Empress Dowager Wei's words made Qin Zhen feel ashamed. Even if it was an ordinary family, on the first day of the wedding, the daughter-in-law should go to pay her respects to her mother-in-law. How could she sleep late like this. So the hands and feet more and more fast, pack up neatly then take Wan Qiu and others to the queen mother of Wei's Longde Palace. On the way, Qin Zhen suddenly remembered Zhao Gou again and asked Wan Qiu, "When did the emperor leave?" Wan Qiu said, "I heard from the people in the imperial palace that they left before dawn." Qin Zhen stopped and looked at Wan Qiu and asked, "What are you hiding from me?" Otherwise, how could Zhao Gou leave in a hurry on the first day of his wedding? Wanqiu quickly knelt down and said, "Empress, you didn't ask about the wedding these days, so the maidservant didn't dare to mention it, so she didn't report it." "What is it?" "A month ago, the Western Xia Kingdom sent a large number of troops stationed in the border area. The emperor urgently dispatched a large number of troops to defend. They took advantage of the emperor's wedding to provoke trouble yesterday. The war has begun." Qin Zhen's heart was awe-inspiring, and the Western Xia Dynasty was indeed restless. After hurriedly paying her respects to Empress Dowager Wei and Empress Dowager Zheng, she diverted to the Zichen Palace where Zhao Gou dealt with government affairs.
In front of the palace, she saw the commander of the imperial bodyguard, Liu Qi. "Is the emperor handling government affairs inside?" She asked. When microbloggers saw Qin Zhen dressed up as the empress, they were stunned. Perhaps they were not used to her new image. Then they quickly worshipped her and said, "Go back to the empress. The emperor and the ministers of the Privy Council are discussing state affairs inside." Qin Zhen nodded and said, "Then I'll go to the side hall and wait for the emperor. If I'm free, you can inform me." "Yes." As soon as Qin Zhen walked a few steps, microbloggers caught up with him and said, "The last general will escort the empress to the side hall." As the two of them walked along, microbloggers whispered behind Qin Zhen, "Early this morning, the elder brother of the empress and General Han both rushed to the northwest frontier, but failed to say goodbye to the empress. Let the last general tell them." "There is General Lao Han." Qin Zhen nodded slightly. Han Shizhong was retreating from the side hall when Qin Zhen suddenly asked him, "Where is the emissary sent by the Western Xia to congratulate the wedding?"? Emperor Hegemony 140 Uncle and Nephew Meet Knowing that Zhao Gou would not bind Qin Zhen with the order of "interfering in politics in the harem", Qi told her, "The imperial guards have surrounded the inn and are waiting for the emperor to deal with it." "If the two countries are at war and don't behead their envoys, don't embarrass them too much." Microbloggers brought life to step down. Qin Zhen waited for two cups of tea in the side hall, and Zhao Gou came over. Seeing Qin Zhen walking up to him, he encircled Qin Zhen and pecked her on the forehead, saying, "Why don't you sleep a little longer?" Qin Zhen pushed him away and said, "How dare you in front of so many people." Besides, it's noon, and there's no way to sleep. Around the palace eunuchs should retreat, should bow their heads, the two of them as if alone, no wonder Zhao Gou is not afraid of others to see. I heard that the Western Xia had sent troops? Zhao Gou was not surprised. It was normal for Qin Zhen to know about this. He nodded and said contemptuously, "The wolf is ambitious. He said that my throne is not correct. He also said that he was under the banner of avenging his brother. He has no relatives. Thanks to them,Sex Enhancement Powder, they can shout out." Qin Zhen suddenly had a plan in his mind. He said, "The late emperor disappeared in the Liao capital that day. He was captured by the cavalry of the Western Xia who aided the Jin. If evidence can be found, then the Western Xia is the murderer of the late emperor. Its reason for fighting is naturally self-defeating and it has lost popular support. What else does it want?" ? pioneer-biotech.com