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Seeing that she lowered her head, Song Ling also relaxed: "Have you recovered from your wound?"? How dare you ride a horse? Have you ever ridden a horse before? Don't fall off a horse without riding it. After a pause, he rubbed his forehead and said, "How many times have I told you? I'm older than you. If you want to call me brother, why don't you always listen?" Rushi shook her head and said, "I don't think so. It was you who told me to remember that your name was Song Ling. Of course I called you that. Now I want to change my name. I don't want it. Will you take me to ride a horse or not? If I can't, you can teach me. As for the wound, it's already healed, and my back is scarred!" In the end, she shook Song Ling's hand pitifully and begged with a face. Basically, as long as she made such an expression, Song Ling would obey her obediently. So don't look at the pitiful face on the poem, in fact, she was laughing in her heart. But Song Ling refused her this time: "Scar means it's not good yet. If it cracks carelessly, you'll hurt again. So you stay at home until you're completely healed. You're not allowed to go anywhere. As for riding, we'll talk about it later. In addition, I'll go out to talk about business later and come back very late. You should be good at home alone." Listen to Zibo, eat well, and go to bed early, do you hear? He coaxed Rushi like a child. After this period of training, he had lost his temper. If Rushi's previous character was the same, then her family should also coax her to make the whole family lose their temper. I was depressed enough to hear that I couldn't ride a horse, but I didn't know that Song Ling would go out later. Rushi's little face suddenly came down. She made a face and said, "I don't want to play with Qi Bo. He's the most boring. He can only call me Miss should be like this, Miss should be like that. Song Ling,polyfoil tube, why don't you take me there? I promise I'll be obedient, OK?" It's a pity that Song Ling was determined this time. No matter whether she pretended to be pitiful or cute, she always pretended not to see it. This made Rushi so angry that she stamped her feet and walked away angrily. Song Ling looked at the back of her departure and showed endless spoiling in her eyes. This little girl, look at her, she should be seventeen or eighteen years old. How could she be so childish? Was it because of amnesia that her character changed? But she has not mentioned the past recently, it seems that she is really not ready to think about it, but this is good, who knows what her past will be like, in case it is not good,empty cosmetic tubes, think of it is just sad, it is better to live happily now. By such a poem, the book is how to read, Song Ling simply took people to the restaurant, tonight he made an appointment with several bosses in Yangzhou to talk about things, he went to Jiangning last time for this, but unexpectedly got a news that Lingxiang left Huamanlou. Thinking of Lingxiang, Song Ling's eyes dimmed again. He liked Lingxiang. Even if she was a brothel girl, he was willing to redeem her with a thousand taels of gold, but Lingxiang didn't want to, because Song Ling was not the person Lingxiang liked. Speaking of it, he really wanted to meet this ninth master, to see who he was, to make Lingxiang move, or let him lose clearly, but Song Ling knew in his heart that the sea of people was vast, Lingxiang was not in Huamanlou, custom cosmetic packing ,eye cream packing tube, and he did not know if he would have a chance to meet them in the future. Rushi had a closed door at the Song Mausoleum. She was so angry that she went outside and grabbed a newly opened flower and trampled it in her hand. At the same time, she shouted in her mouth: "Dead Song Mausoleum, smelly Song Mausoleums!" Just as she was getting angry, Han'er, the maid of the Song Tomb, came over with a stack of clothes in her hand. When she saw Rushi there, she came over and saluted, "Miss!" "Yes." Rushi answered, "Whose clothes are these? Where are you going to take them?" Haner replied, "These clothes belong to the young master. The maidservant has washed them and is about to put them in his room." As soon as Rushi rolled her eyes, a plan immediately came to her mind. Stinky Song Ling wouldn't let her follow her, so she insisted on following her. She said to Haner, "Give me the clothes. I'll just send them over.".
” "How can I do that, miss? Let the maidservant send it!" Haner hurriedly said, dare not let the poem to send, although this young lady is halfway, but how much the young master to her is in the eyes of the whole house. Rushi took the clothes over and said, "It's all right. I'll send them to you. You can go about your own business." Seeing that she said so, Haner had to step down. Her expression was like a kitten smelling a fishy smell. She hugged her clothes in her arms and ran quickly to Yinxuexuan. Although these clothes were worn by Song Ling, she wore them a little too big, but she should still be able to make do with them. She wouldn't, but her men would. When the night fell, the clothes were changed, such as poetry, regardless of the persuasion of the maids such as Cuiju, changed into men's clothes, then put down his hair and tied it into a braid at the back, and then put on a hat. Suddenly, a young man appeared in front of everyone. The only flaw was that the young man was so beautiful that he felt a little sissy. She is a great beauty herself. Chapter 45 Qinhuai Rebirth (3). If the poem takes advantage of the night, sneaked out of the Song mansion from the back door, the name of the restaurant she asked out from others, and even the location is clear, this is her first time out, Yangzhou city in the evening is not only not deserted but also very lively, straight if the poem was dazzled, Leng Leng, fortunately she also remembered to go to the restaurant to find Song Ling, did not run around, Otherwise, I guess she can't even find her way back to the house. Guest Ran Ju, Yangzhou is one of the best restaurants, the dishes inside are two silver, the average person will not run here to eat, can enter here is not rich or noble, Song Ling is a frequent visitor here, he has a special private room here, in addition to the upstairs and downstairs, unless to go inside the private room, otherwise he can not see others, but unfortunately he doesn't know. I thought I could see him when I came. Guest, nature, residence! Rushi stood at the door of the restaurant, raising her head and reading the sign of the restaurant word by word. Fortunately, when she woke up, she could still recognize the words,pump tube, otherwise she would be in trouble. After confirming the name of the restaurant, Rushi clapped her hands and went in happily. Ha, I don't know what Song Ling's expression would be when she saw her like this. She must be very surprised. emptycosmetictubes.com