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He was a member of the Criminal Investigation Detachment. He just happened to be working at the police station. He heard the police say it was serious. He was afraid of an accident and came by to have a look. How big a thing am I? Police station colleagues are also a little unhappy, first to Fu Shuyang way, "young man, after the police, do not exaggerate, do you know?" "But." Before Fu Shuyang had finished speaking, several more cars roared in. All the people who came this time were luxury cars, and a dozen or so young people who looked like they were flowing jumped out of the car, led by Han Shu. Obviously, this is to receive a phone call from Han Xuanxuan to support Xu Lang. However, they never thought that when they arrived at the scene, they would see the police first, and they were all stunned. What's the situation? Han Shu is a little confused. What else do I want to ask you? A policeman came forward. "Send a representative to come out and make things clear." "Don't bother. Our cameraman recorded what just happened." Fu Shuyang waved to the cameraman. Things are clear at a glance. I'm sorry to make a trip for nothing. Han Shu is not stupid, the police are here, he does not want to cause trouble, immediately apologize, "is our problem,Investment casting parts, in fact, this is not a big deal, but did not negotiate well.". There is no conflict or fight. I will do the ideological education, so I will not bother you. We'll handle it ourselves. Thank you. "The Han family is great?" Xu Zhuo looked at the video and smiled at Han Shu. There was no temperature. No, no, no, the law is the greatest. Han Shu said,Magnetic Drain Plug, "the Han family is nothing." He said so, but Xu Zhuo couldn't say anything more. Then you discuss it by yourself? Xu Zhuo looked at Fu Shuyang. Fu Shuyang said, "There is nothing to discuss. Let them leave the manor right away, as long as it doesn't get in our way." His attitude was arrogant and his tone was disdainful. Han Shu frowned and endured it. It's a pity that he can endure it, but some people can't. What are you? This manor belongs to your family? You told us to leave? We won't go! It's Han Xuanxuan who has endured for a long time. Han Xuanxuan has no brain and a hot temper. On some occasions, her words and deeds will make people feel very comfortable. But now, obviously not. What's more, some of those who followed Han Shu also had the same temperament as Han Xuanxuan. Someone took the lead, and others followed suit. Namely! Give you some face and really think you're a character? "Damn, even the Han family dare to provoke, but also want to open a company?"? Open a JB! ". "Don't come begging Grandpa Han when you can't go on!" …… Han Shu almost had a heart attack and failed to block the group of pig teammates. In the end, everyone was taken to the police station, die casting parts ,deep draw stamping, of course, only to be educated and released. But that night, # afterglow enters the police station # became a hot search. He is a big star, and he has a lot of black fans. The pictures circulated on the Internet were only pictures of him entering the police station, and the sunspot naturally grabbed the crazy black. [Is the afterglow finally in?] [Doing too much evil, finally the evil power returns.] [Joyous Celebration!] [The dregs finally go in!] So, does anyone know what's going on? Who says you're not a good person if you go to the police? My brother may just be cooperating with the investigation. That is, my brother is the warmest brother in the world, and he certainly won't do bad things. If there was anything, it was framed. …… Afterglow quickly came out to clarify that it was just a little misunderstanding, and posted half-naked fitness photos to prove his innocence, while hinting that he was in a good mood. Fans immediately licked the screen crazily. The misunderstanding should have ended here, but the heat of the afterglow did not go down, because after he posted the photos, someone sent a number of photos of the afterglow with others one after another. The faces of the women in each photo are blurred, but according to different features, it can be seen that they are not the same person. In some photos, the face of the afterglow is not very clear, but the body is very clear. There is a round scar on the abdomen of the person in the photo, which is exactly the same as the scar in the afterglow fitness photo. [Shit! Exciting!] What kind of cannon is this? Isn't the first love still there? Just having a booty call but not falling in love, isn't the first love still there? The afterglow is full of happiness.
? [***! Unbelievable!] I'm the only one who thinks that some of the photos look like a rape? I don't believe it. There must be something wrong with my eyes. …… Today, everyone's attention to the afterglow is already high. As soon as these photos came out, they exploded in an instant. It was too late for the afterglow to withdraw, and all of a sudden it was in a mess. It must have been released by Fu Shuyang! The afterglow gnashed its teeth with hatred. I don't care who let it out! His boss was even more angry. "How many times have I ***ing said it?"! Just play, don't take pictures! If you don't shoot it, can someone conjure it out of thin air? So what now? Deny? Treat a netizen as a fool? "Why don't you ask Miss Xu Lang for help?" The broker suggested weakly, "Brother Hui and Miss Xu get along well." "I don't know if the advertisement can be put on." The boss was angry for a long time, or agreed, "you go to contact Miss Xu Lang." When Xu Lang received the phone call, he was comforting Han Xuanxuan. Went to the police station today, Han Xuanxuan was later scolded by Han Shu, she was wronged to death. Afterglow to explain the purpose, Han Xuanxuan more angry, all the evil fire went to the afterglow, a crazy spray, the afterglow scolded unbearable, had to hang up the phone. Do you want to tell Han Shu about this? Xu Lang couldn't make up his mind. Say what? Han Xuanxuan does not agree, "the afterglow is not a good thing!"! If it weren't for him, we wouldn't be insulted today. Besides, he even dared to give you the advertisement that Xu Mei didn't want. I was so angry! Xu Lang also felt uncomfortable about this,socket screw plug, but she was a little worried: "If you don't help him, it won't affect the Han family, will it?" ? autoparts-dx.com