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This man is so powerful that she has a lot of pressure! Even if she can't beat him at ordinary times, especially after being suppressed by him in bed, it also makes her very suffocating! The future is worrying! Soon we arrived at the People's Park, where the four words "People's Park" written on the marble plaque at the entrance of the park were stained with mottled traces and looked very dilapidated. After entering the park, the entrance of the park is a hundred steps, two people ascend the steps. Lou Dian noticed the green plants planted in the park and found that they grew very luxuriantly, better than the plants in other green belts in the city, and did not wither at all. After the end of the world, there are only two seasons, winter and summer, extremely cold and extremely hot, which have a great impact on the growth cycle of plants. And since the beginning of this summer, the rainfall is very little, many ordinary plants have already withered, and those that can survive are mutant plants. These lush plants are naturally mutant plants, but they have a very low level and are not aggressive. The age of the building is slightly frowned, so it is strange that the plants in the park are growing so well. After going up the stairs, there is the square of the park. The two men crossed the square and went to the woods in the park. As soon as they reached the woods, they heard a rustling sound, like a snake-shaped creature shuttling through the dead leaves. When a dark shadow came towards them, the hall had jumped up with the age of the building in its arms, avoiding the things coming towards it, and the age of the building also smashed the ivy seeds in its hands at the right time, which quickly spawned in midair, and a branch and tendril of the ivy wrapped around the plant that they had whipped towards it. In the woods,fine bubble diffuser, two kinds of mutant vines are competing with each other, and the branches and tendrils are intertwined and do not give in to each other. With the help of the mutant vine, Lou Dian directly reached out and grabbed another vine that attacked them, pulled it out with brute force, and left the ground with mud, soil and roots. The age of the building went directly to repair a few knives, and found that the variant vine was very hard, but not as good as the wire vine. After dealing with the mutant vines that attacked them, they went straight ahead,lamella tube, escorted by ivy, and intercepted the mutant plants that attacked them along the way. Through the woods, I came to a big flower bed surrounded by iron railings and saw the big tree planted in the big flower bed. This big tree is at least several hundred years old, and its thick branches need to be surrounded by several people. The tree is thick and black, and its branches and leaves are lush and green. The sunshine falls sporadically from the branches and leaves, and the leaves flutter in the wind, making a clattering sound, giving people a sense of tranquility. The closer she got, the heavier she felt, biting the tip of her tongue and spreading the pain, which made her break away from her previous state in time and find that she had been mentally affected again. The hall took her to her side, and they were a hundred meters away from the big tree. Lou Dian looked for a while, directly flicked a space blade in the past, the space blade hit the trunk body, issued a metallic clank sound, only cut off a little bark crumbs, but did no harm to it. Sure enough, it was a mutant tree that was about to become a sperm. When the hall attacked the tree, rapid sand filters ,lamella clarifer, suddenly the wind was blowing around, and the sound of rustling was heard, and we knew that the mutant vines in the woods had been summoned to attack them. The hall did not want to fight against it, holding the age of the building, kicking up, stepping on the ivy vines dancing wildly in midair, jumping forward by force, stepping on the rattan, avoiding the intensive attack, and out of the woods in one breath. The author has something to say: Today's goal: Building Age Target: Strive to become stronger, anti-suppression! Lou Dian Goal: Try to become stronger and overwhelm her! —————— Thanks to the past smoke and clouds DH, 14153948, and the mines thrown by the stars, thank you ~ ~ = 3 = Past smoke cloud DH threw a mine throwing time: 2014-08-21 23:13:02 Throwing a mine 14153948 Time: 2014-08-22 01:10:35 Wandering in the starry sky, I threw a mine. Time: 2014-08-22 02:27:18 Chapter 95 After leaving the woods, when you look back, you can also see the movement of the vines of the mutant vines shuttling close to the ground in the grass, very dense, baring their teeth and claws, as if to destroy the invading enemy.
Such a dense attack, also let her scalp tingle, if not for the speed of the hall, rely on her own, I am afraid it is impossible to escape from such a dense attack. Lou Ling lay on the shoulder of the hall, looking at the woods through his shoulder, and once again realized the danger of mutant plants, which made her more frightened than she had seen in the mountains outside the capital base. After all, they did not go deep into the mountains at that time, and the mutant plants they encountered were not of high rank, nor did they command so many mutant vines to attack collectively. And here, the old tree looks like an old locust tree, because of mutation, making its branches and leaves have undergone some changes, but the degree of its mutation is very advanced, even to the extent that it can summon the surrounding mutant plants to fight, even the space blade of the hall can hardly hurt it. If it were not a tree, which limits its mobility, I am afraid it would be more dangerous. So, now it is certain that the city is blocked, and the root cause is the mutated old locust tree. Should be the end of the world, it will mutate, and because of age, evolution is very advanced, and even can send out a kind of similar spiritual things, the whole city is blocked, people and zombies are blocked in the city. The two men stood in front of the woods for a while before heading back down the road. The sun had already set in the west, the sunset glow on the horizon of the city was brilliant, and the afterglow of the sunset made their backs grow crazily. Such a bright and warm sunset, sprinkled on the dilapidated streets, brings a sense of desolation after the disaster. It reminded him of the sunset before he died in his previous life, which was also so brilliant. What kind of mood did he take to die at that time? Seemed to think, if people have a next life, hope to meet her again, even in a war-torn troubled times does not matter, he will do his best to protect her,rapid sand filters, even if it does not matter to die again, as long as the result can die with her. He prayed so humbly that he would not let her die in a place he did not know, or even see her for the last time. khnwatertreatment.com