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Zeus once said in an adoring tone that his eldest brother looked up at the stars and was so handsome that no one in the world could compare with him. A Zhou, are you naive, too? My spine is like crawling over a lizard, and it's cold. The blue moonlight shines through the gap to me in the dark. yuan Tianhuan, the beautiful and cruel man in the legend. What is he really like? We are in the Kingdom of Shu, and the man is far away in Chang'an. How does he look at us? Compared with his vast starry sky, we are all pitifully small people. I shrank my shoulders, and the summer night felt cold. However, in the shadow, there always seems to be a pair of mysterious eyes. It seems that you can see me thousands of miles away. A laugh, if there is no, like in the wind. I held my body, and the darkness was like the invisible palm of the Buddha, holding me in the palm of his hand. Where is Shangguan? I miss him. Shangguan said to solve a puzzle. What is that? He kind of expected it, and I got into the cage. My brain was washed away by the waves, and at last only the pale sand was left, desolate. Sir can't save me this time. Maybe he gave up on me. Then I'm on my own. There was a hubbub outside, and the soldiers got separated. They agreed to listen to the Prince of Zhao for the time being. Because he had urgently reported the news of the emperor's death in Chang'an. Stick to the camp first, improvise, and then wait for the emperor's will. Zhou lifted the curtain and went into the tent. Three young footmen knelt at his feet and undressed him. He smiled at me wearily and said,12 needle valve, "These are all my followers in Prince Zhao's mansion.". I have told them not to hide your face now. The children were so respectful to me that they dared not look at me. I still cover my face. Hear the prince of Zhao that moment, I don't want to let more than one person in the north army to notice my face. That's definitely not good for my safety. Another pony came into the tent with a plate of white linen in his hand. Zhou took one, and the child knelt down before me and said, "Madam, please." I also conveniently took one, this is for the king of Jin mourning? I hesitated, and the little pawn's comely face quickly turned to Junzhou. Zhou stood up,38 tube fitting, grabbed the white cloth from my hand, and said to the pawn, "Huitong, madam, you don't need this.". Madame hasn't passed the door yet. There's no need to mourn for that man. It's unlucky! Small horse pawn is busy nod: "Be.". Wang Ye. He motioned to the other children, and they followed his silent exit. Zhou smiled at me again. "This child was picked up outside the palace when I was seven years old. He was buried half dead in the snow.". From the age of four to now. The servant around me, I trust him most. Too bad he's a eunuch. Otherwise, he is also a general. Huitong, a little eunuch? Boys of this age tend to have some female voices, which I didn't see at a glance. A Zhou pinched my hand and helped me take down the curtain. "Since you are the hostess of this family, you will see the servants in the future. What are you afraid of?" His palms were burning, and I avoided his eyes: "Ah Zhou.." Prince of Zhao? "So what?" Zhou touched my hair and said, "It's the same as before.". I seldom promise, promise you, pipe fittings manufacturer ,38 needle valve, will it change? You There was doubt in his eyes: "You … …" Do you have a grudge against the royal family? You hate me? I shook my head. How could I answer him. His eyes are like a clear and eager flower, which is not full of rain even when it falls all over the sky. I held my forehead and sighed, "You are a prince, and I am a waif without a family. It's really not a good match." A Zhou's suspicion dissipated. He straightened his back and gathered my hair intimately. "Silly shrimp." I turned around and heard the rain in the mulberry forest again. He patted me: "Sleep, sleep, tomorrow the thief must come to challenge, I will give him some color to see see." Little thief? You mean the blue-eyed kid from last night? Who is he "Well, it's Zhao Xian.". His mother is from the Western Regions. He was originally Jing'er of Luzhou City. A few years ago, I joined the Blue Feather Army, and now I am more proud of being put in an important position by their strategist. His sword and horse are specially matched for him. The sword is called Shuishen Dao, which is as sharp as my star. Of course I don't like it. Only rough people like to play with big knives. The red horse is called Xiao Hanfeng, which is not as good as Yufeilong. "Hum, but there are no tigers in the mountains, and the monkey has become a king." A Zhou's words were somewhat jealous.
But I think the young man with a pair of blue and black eyes is not rough, and his skill is very agile and beautiful. Because it's beautiful, it doesn't look like a monkey. I lay by Zhou's side without saying a word, and he fell asleep. I called a few times, but he didn't respond. I crept up and went straight to the entrance of the tent. The thin shadow knelt at the mouth of the curtain and called to me in a low voice, "What do you want, madam?" As soon as I stopped, it turned out to be Huitong, who had been staying here all the time. I looked at him. "I just can't sleep. I want to go out." He lowered his eyes and said in a lower voice, "Madam.." Wang Ye is extremely tired. If he wakes up without seeing his wife, he will blame the younger ones. Although here is a military camp, is also a heavy organ, but also afraid of a reckless sergeant offended his wife, the little ones dare not live. If the lady must go out, the little one goes in to tell Wang Ye, and then calls a few QinBing, accompany you out, OK? I thought for a moment and smiled at him. "No." He touched his head to the ground. "Yes.". Mrs. Xie. I smiled again, "I won't go out, but I still can't sleep. If I light the lamp and read in the outer tent, Wang Ye won't blame you." He still crawled on the ground: "Yes.". I'll do it. The light is on. I was holding a copy of a Zhou's favorite book, Zuo Zhuan, but I didn't see a word of it. It seems that it is difficult for me to go out. First of all, consider the most practical question, how much money do I have? When Shangguan left, he had put some copper coins in my sleeve pocket. I went all the way to Dujiangyan, which was enough. Valuable, only the pearls in the bag of tricks. I glanced at Huitong. The child seemed to be dozing off. Anyway, his eyes were closed. I carried him on my back and pulled out the bag of tricks from my bosom. Under the lamp, there was a small piece of blue paper in the bead. My breath quickened and unfolded slowly, writing in small letters: "On the sixth day after your appointment,hydraulic fitting manufacturer, I waited for you at the Puguang Temple near the mouth of the vase.". If you do not come, please report a peace. If no one sees the letter, then I will not feel at ease. Shangguan character. ? chinaroke.com