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"It's too tight," Wei Yingfeng said. "It's not very convenient." Chen Ning told him with a smile and winked at him in an ambiguous tone: "What is not very convenient?" Wei Yingfeng gagged him with an expressionless face and pushed him into the tent, saying, "Change a loose one." But it's a pity that Chen Ning didn't bring that kind of special loose one. The only one that was still loose had already been worn once yesterday. He didn't want to give those pants a second chance to leave the country. How shabby he was. Chen Ning complained about sitting in the tent in his underpants for five minutes before Wei Yingfeng came in and asked, "Haven't you put it on yet?" "I don't have any baggy pants to wear," Chen said. Wei Yingfeng squatted down to choose for a while, but he really didn't choose a loose one. He frowned more and more tightly. Finally, he said, "Wear yesterday's." "No," said Chen Ning, shaking his head with a serious face. "I'd rather you killed me." Wei Yingfeng: ".." Chen Ning complained, "It's just a little tight, and it doesn't affect anything." "Wear mine." Wei Yingfeng finally said. Although Wei Yingfeng's size is bigger than Chen Ning's, it's not impossible to wear a belt. He quickly found a pair of loose pants for Chen Ning to put on. Chen Ning's overall style changed immediately. The big boy who was more than 18 years old became a little soft and cute in an instant. Chen Ning complained that he was not quite used to it. He pulled the edge of his trousers and said, "What kind of trousers are you wearing? Why are they so worn?" Wei Yingfeng said, "Then you can go out naked." Knowing that Wei Yingfeng had been extremely patient, Chen Ning consciously added a zipper to his mouth and stopped looking for trouble. Chapter 7 A group of people gathered and put on a layer of camouflage clothes outside. When the scorching sun shone on them,Magnesium Sulphate producer, they were covered with stuffy sweat. Chen Ning began to regret that he had come to participate in this program. Why? His legs were not good enough. He came here again to survive in the wild and live CS. Torturing himself was not so torturing. Chen Ning said very impatiently to dial his helmet, listen to the director group over there to pull through the rules, from beginning to end did not express any opinion. The word of Li Qinglie is very much however, asking ceaselessly: "Meaning is this time CS can last 10 days, battlefield is in any corner?" "Except for the encampment." The director explained, "This side of the camp is the only place you can't enter. It's the only safe place." "Then we can hide all the time." Bai Yueyue joked,Magnesium Sulphate price, "spend it." A group of people burst into laughter, and Yu Ting said, "How can you spend so much time?" "Yes," Li Qinglie nodded, "we signed the contract for so many days, if the time has been recorded, this is not to destroy their own time plan?" Bai Yueyue patted him on the shoulder: "I think you want to add money!" " A group of people laughed more happily. Chen Ningyu stood aside, together with Wei Yingfeng, looking a little out of place. It's like two worlds. Both of them were silent, not only silent, but also spread a strange and awkward atmosphere, as if as soon as they said they could start, calcium nitrate sol ,magnesium nitrate hexahydrate, they would immediately separate far away. The atmosphere has obviously come to this point. When the director announced the start, Chen Ning complained that he did not move. Wei Yingfeng hung the gun on his waist and walked towards the other side with an expressionless face. Li Qinglie, as the captain of the team, said hurriedly, "Let's all keep up with Wei Ge. Let's start the group battle. Don't get separated." Chen Ning complained that he fell at the back of the team and looked extremely lazy. A group of people walked and chatted, Li Qinglie did not know when to fall to the end of the line, with Chen Ning said to move forward side by side. Chen Ning complained that his impression of the child was not bad. Seeing that he was reluctant to speak, he took the initiative to ask, "What do you want to say?" "Well," Li Qinglie scratched the back of his head and asked, "Brother Ning, did you quarrel with Brother Wei?" The pace of Chen Ning's complaint paused for a moment, then bent the corners of his mouth and opened his mouth naturally: "Why do you ask that?" "Feeling.." The atmosphere between you two is not right, "Li Qinglie said." Although variety shows can be edited, I think they can't be saved later. Did you two really have a fight? No, you shouldn't. You've been a great couple before.
” Chen Ning complained that he did not speak. "Still," said Li Ching-lie, "between you.." "Child," Chen Ning sighed, touched the back of his head, "you should not be in charge of things, you do not care, do not ask, do your job well." Li Qinglie pursed her lips and did not dare to ask any more. But Li Qinglie suddenly asked such a sentence, but caused Chen Ning to complain of caution, the atmosphere between the two of them has been so obvious? Chen Ning said that he thought others could not see it. After all, Wei Yingfeng will install it when he should. Chen Ning told a hand in his pants pocket, looking at Wei Yingfeng not far away, some hesitation should not tell Wei Yingfeng this matter. In fact, for him, divorce is nothing, but for Wei Yingfeng. The impact should be a little big. After all, at the beginning, Wei Yingfeng took advantage of his east wind to go to the road of the best actor-of course, his own efforts should be the absolute reason. But in fact, they have a lot of CP fans. Chen Ning complained that he was somewhat entangled. While Chen Ning was struggling, Li Qinglie suddenly gave a low "ah" and stretched out his hand to embrace Chen Ning's waist. When Chen Ning was in a daze, he was suddenly so frightened that he thought the boy was going to take advantage of himself and lift his leg with one foot. Li Qinglie threw Chen Ning to the ground and was kicked again. At the same time, a blue bullet "snapped" through the position where they had just stood and splashed on the trunk. Li Qinglie took a breath of cold air and said,Magnesium Oxide powder, "Brother Ning, are you all right?" Only then did Chen Ning realize that he seemed to have misunderstood the other party. He looked at Li Qinglie's red face with some embarrassment: "." Are you all right? "No." Although Li Qinglie said it was all right in his mouth, his eyebrows were tightly twisted. And it was at the moment when the bullet popped out that the war began. All the people on the red team gathered around. stargrace-magnesite.com