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But that, too, is fleeting. Chu Xi turned to Jin Xinxin's eyes and said with a smile, "Let's go. Don't let Director Fu wait for a long time." So Jin Xinxin was pulled by Chu Xi and turned from a crossing. In front of them, the waiter was waiting for them. Jin Xinxin motioned to the waiter to wait. He pulled Chu Xi aside and asked, "What happened just now?"? Who is that woman? This can not blame Jin Xinxin suspicious, it is Gu Jinghan this person around few women, do not like to be close to people, so like just that can be so close to Gu Jinghan state of the woman, it is really suspicious. By this time Gu Jinghan had already walked out of the dining room, and the corridor was empty. With a little self-mockery on his face, Chu Xi whispered, "I don't know.". Maybe it's Gu Shao's new love. It seems that Gu Jinghan has regarded Bai Yazhu as the past tense, so now this woman is not Gu Jinghan's new love? It seems that the words of Gu Jinghan's woman in the morning, although strange, are not groundless. In the eyes of that man, he was already a woman that Gu Jinghan did not intend to want any more, and she naturally did not have to be polite when she spoke. Jin Xinxin was bombarded by explosive news one after another in the morning, and his brain was almost out of order. "New, new love?" Chu Xi said that he was lucky to hear Gu Jinghan's phone call in bed in the morning, and said, "That's it.". But this is also normal, after all, we were going to announce'that '. Jin Xinxin angrily nodded Chu Xi's forehead, "knowing that there are other people around him, but also being taken advantage of, you ah!"! Are you smart or stupid? Chu Xi dialed the bangs, a look of indifference, "what age, but also thinking so feudal, go!" Say, Chu Xi walked in front, Jin Xinxin frowned toward the direction of Gu Jinghan just disappeared,347 stainless steel, cursed Gu Jinghan's ancestors for eighteen generations, and then chased Chu Xi into another private room. Outside the restaurant, Gu Jinghan stopped in front of a car. The woman said, "You can rest assured that I will take good care of Xiaofeng." In the car, a 4 or 5-year-old boy was looking at Gu Jinghan through the window. Looking carefully, his eyebrows and eyes were somewhat similar to Gu Jinghan's. Thank you Gu Jinghan said succinctly. The woman smiled, but her smile was a little astringent. "You don't have to be so polite to me. I'm glad I can help you." The woman's name is Liu Xia, the daughter of the Liu family in Philadelphia, a top student at Harvard Medical School, and Gu Jinghan's attending physician for the past two years. In fact, the child in the car is also surnamed Gu, but it is Gu Jinghan's father Gu Chong's illegitimate son outside. Gu Chong is probably the same as Gu Laozi. He is a womanizer in his bones. He can't control his crotch. The marriage with Lan Ying was a family marriage tied up by interests. Therefore, the relationship between them was very cold. Gu Chong fluttered colorful flags outside all the year round. Lan Ying tore up countless small three, small four, small five and small six. Finally, he could not bear it any more and divorced Gu Chong completely. It is also because of Gu Chong's temperament of not seeking progress, uns c70600 ,316l stainless steel pipe, but seeking romance, that Gu has never looked up to him, but he thinks highly of Gu Jinghan, who has been brought up by Lan Ying since childhood. Gu Jinghan did not grow up in Gu Chong and Lan Ying, feel the affection is pitiful, the relationship between father and son, mother and son is very weak. In addition, Gu Jinghan was quiet and cold when he was young, and he was not likable. Gu Chong and Lan Ying had their own families outside, and formed a new family, so they didn't pay much attention to Gu Jinghan. For Gu Chong and Lan Ying, the existence of Gu Jinghan is like reminding them of their failed and unbearable marriage. For Gu Chong, this experience, which can not even be controlled by his own marriage, is even more humiliating. For so many years, Gu Jinghan was kidnapped by kidnappers at the age of 12 and demanded a huge ransom. They refused to pay. Although they felt guilty, it lasted for a short time. It was soon forgotten like many shady secrets of Gu's family. For so many years, Gu Chong rarely had any contact with Gu Jinghan. He had no ambition and just wanted to live a carefree life. He had no ambition for the power and financial resources of Gu's family, which was different from Lan Ying.
Gu Chong is over 50 years old this year, but this lascivious problem has not been reduced. Four years ago, he had a spring night with a young lady who accompanied him. Unexpectedly, he also left a seed. The young lady had a difficult delivery and failed to survive, leaving behind a baby boy, who was Gu Xiaofeng. Gu Xiaofeng in the hospital, no one has been claimed, and was finally sent to the welfare home. Two years ago, the family of the dead girl somehow finally came back and found that Gu Xiaofeng might be the seed of Gu's family. They found Gu Xiaifeng and brought people to ask Gu's family for a sky-high alimony. When Gu Jinghan first saw Gu Xiaofeng, the little boy was only two years old, because of congenital heredity, mental retardation, and autistic tendency. Such a child is a useless burden to the Gu family, and Gu Chong will not give the child any status. However, Gu Jinghan made a decision that puzzled many people-he left Gu Xiaofeng by his side. Once Gu Jinghan, weak and powerless, was abandoned by the world and treated unfairly, only to bear, without the ability to fight back. Gu Xiaofeng reminded him of himself at that time. Seeing that Gu Jinghan did not speak for a moment, Liu Xia said, "Then I'll take Xiaofeng back first." Liu Xia first came to Gu Jinghan's side, which was inspired by Liu Jia and Lan Ying. At first, she didn't know much about Gu's family, but she knew that Gu Jinghan already had a wife, and she was very exclusive of being a third party and approached a married woman with evil intentions. But later learned from Lan Ying that Gu Jinghan and his wife were only nominal, and had no feelings, and would soon be formally separated, which reluctantly agreed to the arrangement of the Liu family. At first, Liu Xia did not feel that he would really give birth to any feelings for Gu Jinghan, but in the past two years, he did not know how, but really fell into the heart of the man. However, in the past two years, no matter how hard and active she was, Gu Jinghan seemed to regard her as a stone,x56 line pipe, and his eyes were not given much. Only when he talked about Gu Xiaofeng, he would show a little interest in his own words, which was also based on his identity as a doctor and wanted to listen to professional advice. lksteelpipe.com