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Create a sexy playlist. Deep, penetrating into the very soul, vocals and rhythmic melody will give you that very mood. In our current culture, there is so much shame associated with the subject of sex.

The media draws a perverted picture of what sex should be, while the church can rarely put in a word about it. And that, until we have a quiet, one-time "conversation" in a whisper with our children, which will be filled with awkwardness and make, they feel uncomfortable and frightened. But what we are missing is that sex is the idea of God! He is not afraid of it, is not ashamed of it or does not hide it! When God said, “Be fruitful and multiply,” He gave us the command to have sex. It is time for the church to start talking about God's heart regarding sex and to develop a healthy sexual culture, destroying the culture of shame that has been formed over the years.

Here are some practical tips for teaching your children about sex

Celebrate sexuality. This is the idea of God, and He speaks about it throughout the Bible. He is not nervous about sex, and He made him beautiful and desirable. Proverbs 5: 18-19 says: “May your spring be blessed, and rejoice in the wife of your youth, beautiful deer, graceful chamois. Let her breasts quench your desire always, May you always be drunk with her love. ” This happens to be in the book regarding Proverbs - the Bible acknowledged for sharing knowledge! Sex happens to be something to celebrate, not to hide.

Teach Call girls in Delhi the power of sacrifice. The objective of a well sexual culture happens not to be getting rid of the wish for sex, but somewhat to control the appetite for it. Youshould stops making use of shame in this. Educate your children that saying no to lure now happens to mean yes to theenhanced future. The worth of their virginity is a battle in which it must be preserved. It gives them something valuable, for which they have to sacrifice and fight to give to someone who they love on the night of the honeymoon.

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