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Flesh and blood burst, in the shrill scream, Shuidaozi's body, as Wang Lin said before, collapsed directly! The primordial spirit fled before the collapse of the body, with monstrous fear, and fled crazily backward! Wang Lin is in the air, his eyes are cold, he has been waiting for this day for a long time, no matter who will stop it at this moment, it will not work! He and Shuidaozi this battle, attracted too much attention, at the moment is to arouse the eyes of all the monks around, in their eyes, at the moment Wang Lin is like a war fairy! That head of white hair fluttering, a white dancing figure, enough to let all people, deep stay in the mind, stay in the memory, life can not be erased! "Shuidaozi, when you let Wang be on the verge of death, all the power to fight back in front of you is fragile, have you ever thought that one day, you will be like a lost dog in front of Wang Lin!"! This is cause and effect! Next, take your life! Wang Lin's eyes emerge the scenes of that year, filled with murder, step forward! You can't kill me! I am Elder Shenzong, I am the great power of the sea of clouds, I am the slave of the title,304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel, you can't kill me! I can render meritorious service for the boundary, I know the information outside the boundary, you let me go, I would like to become a slave! I want to be your servant, don't kill me! Although the cultivation of Shuidaozi is the third step of great power, its mind is far inferior! At this moment of life and death crisis, he can no longer care about face, back in a hurry to roar. Chapter 1515 of the seventh volume! Chapter 1515 honor! Besides, the beast of the nether world, all covered with fluff, roared and stared at the monks in front of him,Stainless Steel Welded Pipe, wishing he could rush out all of a sudden. Its reaction is very slow, Wang Lin's sudden departure, it seems that there is no awareness, there is still a ferocious look in the roar, but slowly, it seems to faintly hear the roar behind him. Faintly, it slowly noticed that something was wrong, how the monks in front no longer looked at themselves, but looked behind them. In particular, the reverberation of Wang Lin's voice slowly fell into his ears, making the dull head of the ghost beast subconsciously want to look back. In this way, it slowly turned its head, staring at the empty behind, staring at the distance from their own distance, is facing the water channel near Wang Lin. After a short period of stagnation, the nether beast's pupils suddenly shrank, and the roar that was still coming out suddenly stopped, replaced by a more violent roar, but this roar was obviously different from the roar just now, this roar was frightened out! In an instant, 304 Stainless Steel Pipe ,mirror stainless steel sheet, the bristling fluff of its whole body shuddered, its eyes showed fear, its body trembled and retreated, and even in the roar of fear, the sound of pounding, pounding heartbeat echoed. Obviously frightened again, it rushed to Wang Lin regardless of everything, showing deep fear and grievance in its eyes, especially when it thought that it had just roared at the monks who had frightened it without its master behind it, the ghost beast trembled in its heart and was afraid. Wang Lin stepped close to the galloping Shuidaozi, and his speed was so fast that he approached Shuidaozi in an instant. He clenched his fist with his right hand, and there was no more illusory fist shadow, but a direct punch! "This punch is on behalf of Feng Zun!" Wang Lin's expression was ferocious, his words were calm, and at the moment when he approached the original God of the waterway, he punched away and fell directly on the original God of the waterway. Screams startled the sky, that Shuidaozi spurted out a breath of the primordial spirit, the primordial spirit immediately had a dim, hurried back, eyes showing despair.
"You can't kill me, I'm the third step." I Before he had finished speaking, Wang Lin was already approaching again, and another punch hit him! "This punch is for Li Qianmei!" Wang Lin's voice was calm and terrible, and with a loud bang, the legs of the original God of the waterway burst open directly, turning into a lot of vitality rolling in all directions! Screaming again, Shuidaozi's eyes showed madness in despair, but this madness was nothing in front of Wang Lin! "I am the slave of the title, you accept me as a slave, the strength must be greatly increased, do not kill me!" Wang Lin looked indifferent, approached again in the step, and blasted out the third punch! "This punch is for Yunhai Friar, for you just wanted to kill Gui yuan Zong!" Wang Lin gritted his teeth and bombarded Shuidaozi's chest with his right hand. As soon as the primordial spirit of the waterway shook, it became even dimmer, and its primordial spirit looked almost transparent, as if it were going to dissipate permanently in heaven and earth! "This punch is for your golden storm just now!" Wang Lin threw the fourth punch in the roar! Shuidaozi's body rolled upside down, and yuan Shen's left arm burst open! "This punch is for me, Wang Lin!" Wang Lin raised his right hand in a low roar, as if he had caught the sun, moon and stars, caught the starry sky, and bombarded away! Under this fist, Wang Lin's right hand directly broke through the original spirit of Shuidaozi, penetrated from his chest, and blasted out a huge hole! Shuidaozi's eyes were already scattered, and he was thrown far away by this punch, and the sharp pain hit him, giving him a moment of sobriety. This punch is for. Not for anything, but to kill you! Wang Lin couldn't think of any words. As he approached, he clenched his fist with his right hand and went straight to the remaining primordial spirit of Shuidaozi! In this trace of sobriety, Shuidaozi roared out his last killer's mace! "I am connected with Mu Bingmei's life. If you kill me, you kill her!"! She's your woman, kill her! Kill!! In the madness of Shuidaozi, he roared up to the sky, and his voice roared, spreading all over the world and into Wang Lin's mind! With a bang, Wang Lin's murderous punch suddenly stopped three inches in front of Shuidaozi! Shuidaozi's mind shook. He looked at Wang Lin's fist, which had stopped in front of him. His face was ferocious. He laughed wildly and said, "Why don't you kill him? Kill him!"! Come and kill me! Kill me, Mu Bingmei will die! The old man has long been prepared, the wooden ice eyebrow bitch does not know anything, the old man for her recovery for, send her elixir,Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet, is to let her soul and I together! What's that golden bell? She's the old man's amulet! Shuidaozi guffaw in the only left right arm a swing, but see heaven and earth boom, a scene of distortion!. sxthsteel.com