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"Zhou Zhi, go to the study with me later and see what books you like to read." Zhou Zhi nodded, but his eyes looked out of the window. "Miss Watch is here." Xia He came in, followed by Hu Xiu'e. Hu Xiu'e bent her knees and saluted, but she saw a man sitting at the table, his face flushed and he was about to turn around when she saw the pretty face again. This is a girl's home. Don't be afraid. Su Huixian saw her like this and explained. Only then did Hu Xiu'e say shyly, "It's Xiu'e who is abrupt. Don't blame Grandma." "Come and sit down." Su Huixian beckoned her to sit beside her. Hu Xiu'e bowed her head and walked over. She sat down and couldn't help glancing at Zhou Zhi. Her complexion was fair and her eyebrows and eyes were pretty. She was really a girl. It's all because she's so tall that she doesn't have suitable clothes for her to wear. She's a distant relative of my wet nurse. Her family was in a mess, so she came to me. Hu Xiu'e listened to the intimacy and maintenance in Su Huixian's words and just nodded: "I would like to grow taller." Su Huixian patted her hand, and Hu Xiu'e was indeed a little petite. Here, this is what you said last time. The man is in front of you. I'll show you. Su Huixian handed the paper copied by Zhou Zhi on the table to Hu Xiu'e and said tentatively. Chapter 32 blind date in the study? Hu Xiu'e glanced at Zhou Zhi, who was reading a book, and saw that she did not respond. She turned her head and nodded to Su Huixian, but her face was blushing. Su Huixian had already expected that she would react like this, and since she dared to come to the door and let herself get married for her, she naturally wanted to see what the man looked like. "Well, put on Chunhua's clothes and come with me." Su Huixian asked Chunhua to bring a suit of clothes. "Miss Biao,Carrara Marble Slab, don't dislike the rough clothes of the maidservant." Chunhua said with a smile. Hu Xiu'e shook her head. "Of course not." To be fair, the clothes of the big girl in the house this season are more exquisite than hers. After tidying up, Su Huixian took Zhou Zhi and Chunhua to the study together. "Granny, you're pregnant, and I'm bothering you. It's really hard for you." Hu Xiu'e followed her and apologized in a low voice. Su Huixian shakes a head: "You say this, the doctor also lets me come out to walk more,Agate Slabs For Sale, good at giving birth." Su Huixian naturally will not do anything that is not good for the child in her belly. At this time, Zhou Zhi intentionally or unintentionally protected Su Huixian's body. Su Huixian took a strange look at Zhou Zhi, she thought Zhou Zhi's temperament is very cold and shy, did not expect to be a considerate person. Zhou Zhi was looked at by her, and his ears were red again. Su Huixian's lips turned up again. She was really a shy girl. As soon as she arrived at the study, the servants waiting at the door seemed to have never seen anything, and Su Huixian went straight in with the two men. Once inside, there was no one inside, and it seemed that they were still eating. Let's go inside. Su Huixian took Zhou Zhi's hand and Hu Xiu'e's and took them into the place where the books were kept, and the rows of bookshelves just blocked their figures. Su Huixian naturally let go of the two of them, "Zhou Zhi, White Marble Slabs ,white marble mosaic, you go in and see if there are any books you like. Miss Biao and I are here." Zhou Zhi flurried back, casually looking for a row of books, looked up, but some absent-minded to look at Su Huixian and Hu Xiu'e there. Then the door was pushed open? Is the food in the house to your taste? Ji Junxi's voice. Naturally, home-cooked dishes are the most delicious. Chu Yang's cold voice. Su Huixian turned to look at Hu Xiu'e, only to see her standing on tiptoe, her face slightly red, but her eyes shining with a special light looking at Chu Yang in front of the desk. Chu Yang and Ji Junxi said this, but facing Su Huixian in their direction, with a smile on their faces that seemed to have nothing. Su Huixian a look, the heart is a stem, this person. Ji Junxi already knew that there was someone behind the bookshelf, and when he came in, the servant at the door had already signaled. Brother Chu is still the same as before. When he has nothing to do, he stays at home reading and practicing calligraphy. Ji Junxi asked casually. Chu Yang nodded, but Ji Junxi said with a smile, "You are still so happy and quiet.".
” Chu Yang listened and went to the bookshelf. She was so surprised that Hu Xiu'e immediately lowered her head. "Why is your wife here?" Su Huixian looked at his lips with a sarcastic smile, dark eyes with banter, but his voice was full of surprise, she could only lower her head, Liu Mei a pick. I've seen Mr. Chu. She could only turn out from behind the bookshelf, and Hu Xiu'e followed her step by step, bowing her head and saying nothing. As soon as Ji Junxi looked, he tapped the table: "It's all because my husband forgot to let Ping An tell you." "It was my concubine who was reckless. When she saw that my uncle was not here, she came in on her own. I didn't expect that Mr. Chu was also here. It was really disturbing." Su Huixian glanced at Chu Yang and then whispered. Chu Yang finished speaking and leaned on the bookshelf, smiling at Su Huixian and Ji Junxi explaining. "Go in and look for a book for yourself and talk to Brother Chu for your husband." Ji Junxi waved his hand and let Su Huixian do whatever she wanted. Su Huixian jaw head did not refuse, with Hu Xiu'e and back to the depths of the bookshelf, Chu Yang looked at Hu Xiu'e with a half-smile. After walking to the bookshelf again, Su Huixian sighed, and Hu Xiu'e did the same, and they looked at each other and smiled. You also go and see what books you like. It's not easy to come to my uncle's study, but there are many rare books here. Hu Xiu'e bowed her head, but her face turned sideways in the direction of the two of them, her long eyelashes trembling slightly, and her face flushed. Su Huixian looked at her like this, but also understood the meaning of her heart, as if she had seen herself. Brother Chu is engaged? Ji Junxi asked straight to the point. Chu Yang did not show a surprised expression,Grey Marble Slab, as if he had already guessed that he would ask, but also indifferently replied: "Not yet." Hu Xiu'e stopped turning over the book and looked sideways at Su Huixian. When she saw that she was concentrating on reading, she listened openly. Is that the right person? Ji Junxi asked again. Not yet. Chu Yang replied again. I'll just say it. There's a distant cousin in the family. She's been a guest at home recently. She's of marriageable age. She looks dignified and beautiful. I don't know. Ji Junxi asked with a smile. forustone.com