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What evidence do you have that I want to fish? I just happened to come in by mistake with my fishing rod! Fighting for three points without reason, arrogance is much better than bowing your head and pleading guilty. Rhetoric. If I hadn't happened to take you down, you'd have thrown the hook in the water. "I didn't!" You have! Even if it fails, you have all the tools to commit the crime! "Is it?"? Then I'll go to the Emperor of Heaven and accuse you of molesting me! "How did I molest you?" The sky will be red in the face and stunned. You failed because you have all the tools to indecently assault me. “……” Shaohao in the side to see the joy, since she is so clever, how slow in love? When Shaohao just appeared, the inspectors had already found out, but he was not close, they could not understand your Highness's mind, and only around the small meal tight interrogation. With a smile, Shaohao shook his head at the soldiers, and Xiaoxiao was liberated. Chapter 31: Nian Li Putting something on her wrist, Shaohao gently said, "There is an enlightened beast hidden in this bracelet. You can call it out to accompany you when you have nothing to do. Don't go to the weak water again!" The spirits kept there are not only powerful but also extremely fierce. If she kills them, there is no place to claim compensation. Oh! I just want to see what the head of the nine wild beasts looks like. I don't think that no matter how I stir the weak water, it won't come out! Shaohao heart under a shock, heart way you this courage is big enough, if it really come out,pipe cantilever rack, you will regret to stir it, it seems that Houhai also need to send more days will patrol. Pumping the corners of her mouth, she looked at the sky, and she still wanted to see Qingkun! Bu Bu is not here, so we should consider getting something to raise. The incense burner in the corner of the house was filled with red light and blue smoke. Intentionally or unintentionally, it circled an eagle's head and came out. Shaohao looked up at the incense burner and said to Xiao Xiao with a smile, "I heard that there is a peach tree on Bixia Peak that has blossomed. The flowers have fallen without seeing the results,heavy duty warehouse rack, but they have produced a lot of dolls. They are cute and fragrant. It's really an anecdote!" Xiao Xiao blinked his eyes and immediately forgot the spirit of Qing Kun: "Really?"? Oh? I want to go to Bixia Peak. On behalf of Shaohao, you go to inspect whether the demon is born. Stepping out of the hall, Xiao Xiao suddenly seemed to think of something. He turned his head uneasily and said, "Is this an official dispatch?"? There should be no more deduction of monthly pay. She didn't want to eat steamed bread, nor did she want to be robbed of her clothes by him. Uh! Sort of. Shaohao's long and narrow eyes narrowed and a bewitching smile hung on his face. Tell me! What's the matter? After Xiao Xiao left, Shao Hao pulled down the corners of his mouth, pursed them into a thin line, looked at the things on his hands, and said in a deep voice. The eagle's head, which was surrounded by blue smoke, gradually became clear and grew up, and slowly turned into a body, long span shelving ,Narrow aisle rack, facing Shaohao Jishou. Master, I caught a few monsters in Wuliang Mountain. Their magic power is not to be underestimated. It seems that they are directed at Hetu Luoshu. How do you deal with them? The pen in Shaohao's hand kept spinning with ice in his eyes. How to deal with it? Would you like me to set aside a room in the Tiantai Hall to entertain them? "But.." I haven't asked anything yet. If it's the old way, will it. "What do you expect to ask under Emperor Jun?" He raised his eyebrows and slowly sneered in his eyes. Yes, the subordinates understand. "Anything else?" "The big prince is back." "Oh?"? Why did you suddenly remember to come back? I thought he was going to join the Northern Hades Aquarium! With one hand, Shaohao poured the sake into his mouth and chuckled. Lei Zu's birthday is coming. He must go to present a gift. Well, go and arrange it. I'll have a good chat with Big Brother in a few days. The smoke returned to the incense burner, and there was no voice in the hall. Put the cup, Shaohao stood up, walked to the front of the jade steps, and stood with his hands on his back. Looking at the sky, clouds and haze, he always felt that something was missing. The Tiantai Temple was indeed a little lonely. Although there were many fairies, there was only one less that he was worried about. The picture scrolls of beauties presented by the three realms were piled up like hills, but he had no mood to look through them at all. I can't wait any longer. If I wait any longer, I will lose the first chance. Emperor Jun's kungfu is very good. He will not let go so easily.
Xiaoxiao went round and round in Bixia Peak, but he didn't see any peach trees, nor did he see any dolls with strange fragrance. But Xiaoxiao didn't dare to suspect that his Highness was cheating on her. Didn't he catch up? Since she didn't find the evil spirit and couldn't get what she was interested in, she felt that she couldn't spoil the good opportunity of this business trip. She hadn't been back to the floating white cave house for a long time. Now, as long as she turned a corner and went back to the Black Dragon Pool, she could take the opportunity to satisfy her appetite? If you're lucky, maybe you can see Ya Yu and. Where is Sangluo. Set up Bexilian, small is still pulled the cloud Ni wrapped himself, Shaohao's eyes are very sharp, can not say nothing to look down like this, her next month's silver is not available. Who would have thought that just after Master Xuantai's clear wind tunnel, the Biwu Fairy was already waiting for her with a smile. Xiao Xiao, the master expected that you would go this way. Thor was unhappy these two days. He had just destroyed several hills. The master was afraid that you would be in danger, so he asked me to welcome you. Xiaoxiao grinned and said to himself, "Shaohao, you are really accurate at this time. I'm still walking along the quiet path, and I'm not going to catch you red-handed."? Forget it, she sacrificed a lot for Taiqing yuanjun. Xiaoxiao couldn't sleep well recently. Sangluo left her here and never came to see her. She was left to her own devices? Unloyal guy! Tai Qing yuan Jun, Shaohao does not open her mouth, she is not good to ask, she is afraid to make a hurry, if the three royal Highnesses go back on their words is not a good intention to do bad things? Came for a few days, although every day in Shaohao's side to do little also did not take advantage of his name to grow their own arrogance, the fairies in the Tiantai Temple and her get along. But recently a little depressed, not for anything else, when bathing in the clear pool, all the fairies saw the cinnabar on their little arms. They didn't say anything,Cantilever Storage rack, but they laughed and muttered behind her back. I knew they were having a bad idea. I looked down at the red dot on my arm. What's this? "Xiao Xiao, you." Still laughing. I what? The little chin and nose were immersed in the water, and the only pair of dark eyes looked at the immortals. omracking.com