Who is the audience and what are the site traffic stats?

Our pages are visited by product design enthusiasts, industrial designers, mechanical engineers, CAD users, concept artists, design lecturers, design recruiters and many more.

- 25,000 average unique visitors / month

- 90,000 average pageviews / month

- 80,500+ forum posts

- 6,100+ forum members

- 7,000+ likes of our Facebook page

- 2,500+ Twitter followers


What are the advertising options? Pages:

- 468 x 60 px top banner next to the logo
- 250 x 250 px square banner in the right column (2 positions: top/below)
- Text link ads in the bottom footer
- A dedicated page that integrates with the site
- Twitter post Pages:

- 468 x 60 px top banner next to the logo
- 728 x 90 px leaderboard banner (2 positions: top/bottom)
- 240 x 90 px banner next to the leaderboard
- Text link ads in the bottom footer


Who advertised here before?

Solidthinking, Wacom, Corel, McNeel Rhinoceros, Bunkspeed Hypershot, Letraset, Next Limit Maxwell, Alcantara, Phaidon , Wallpaper,  Design Sketching, New Design Magazine,


What are the advertising rates?

Please contact us for the advertising rates


What are the payment methods?

PayPal or Bankwire transfer


For all advertising inquiries please use our contact form

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