About Us

Product Design Hub is the online community place, where industrial designers from all over the world come together to socialize and to create, share and find useful resources. Product Design Hub was born out of ProductDesignForums, which is the leading online discussion board for industrial design enthusiasts since 2004.

The mission of Product Design Hub is to maintain a friendly and inspirational social environment, where a wide range of inspirational resources are shared with pleasure. Product Design Hub collects and archives the best resources to obtain different kind of design knowledge, experience and skills.

Product Design Hub welcomes everyone to be part of this community. Enjoy!

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The Team:

Waikit Chung (waikit) Co-founder and Editor

Graduated at the Delft University of Technology and currently residing in Shanghai, China. It is really my pleasure to run this site, where I see industrial designers from different cultures helping each others and sharing knowledge. I just want to thank the community for all the great content that are being shared. I make sure that the best content are nicely organized here. Cheers! Feel free to link in with me.

Renze Rispens (renzsu) Co-founder and contributor

Recently graduated from Delft University of Technology, I’m now working as an industrial designer in Amsterdam. My main interests lie in transportation design, basically anything that moves. I’m proud to be a co-founder of this site, these days I hope I can keep contributing for the noble cause of this website by submitting interesting and hopefully also entertaining contributions

Thomas Parel (parel) Moderator and contributor

I am a Senior industrial designer with the Ridgid brand of power-tools, graduated from The Ohio State University. As a student I picked up many product design techniques from generous designers and artists on the internet. I try and return the favor by helping people out in the same way. My Blog

Edgar Gidoni (Ragde) Moderator and contributor

From Dominican Republic and ready to help (and also to learn from) the industrial designer community. Electro-Mechanical Engineer, also Industrial Designer and Plastic Mold Maker. Product Designer Consultant for Devices involving plastic housings and parts. Involved in developing Custom SolidWorks Tutorials since 2006. Visit our site. Also you can reach me at e.gidoni@gmail.com

Mike Kaminsky (Cyberdemon) Moderator and contributor

A recent graduate of Virginia Tech Industrial Design, currently working at Motorola developing Enterprise class handheld electronics. As a member who went from student to professional, I hope to share my insights for the aspiring amateurs and studentsaround the world. Personal Site

Ahmet Bektes (grasshoper) Moderator and contributor

Hi, I finished my undergraduate degree In Industrial Design in METU(Turkey). Now i am trying to be an interaction based industrial designer. Therefore I am now in TU Delft(Netherlands) for my master degree. I am interested in communication devices, user and usability. I am ready to help you and ready to help someone and have fun 🙂 You can reach me from ahmetbektes@gmail.com This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and Facebook.

Jaewoo Kim (sketchyd) Moderator and contributor

Product Design Student at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. I absolutely love to sketch anything and everything from products, cars, scenery, animals, insects, people, and even cartoons. Knowing the things i know now, I wished I knew them when i was just getting started. And so, I am extremely enthusiastic and open to helping aspiring design students to the best of my ability. Open-mindedness, passion for product design, and the willingness to always learn is what keeps me going.

Have any questions on design, schools, or just skills and techniques?
Feel free to email me at: mynameisjaewoo@yahoo.com

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