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by Waikit Chung on May 29, 2012

The end of the school year is coming soon and many students or graduates need to prepare their portfolios to get an internship or job. The professional designers should also update their portfolio once or twice a year.

Therefore I collected very useful resources that really help you to make the best  portfolio and resume. Grab a coffee or juice and go through it. Be inspired and motivated to work on your portfolio in the coming days and weeks:

HIRE ME?! The Portfolio Handbook

Portfolios are a bitch to make. Thats why we wanted to help. Its been a while since we were sophomores, but we never forgot the emotional roller coaster of trying to get our first job (we still go through it). Looking back, we wish we would have known what we know now. This book is for you: a collection of our knowledge passed down to you in the hopes that you become better designers, better professionals, and better people.

Visit the Portfolio Handbook site and download the PDF book


Portfolio Guide from RitaSueSiegel Resources

A portfolio is a self-explanatory strategic tool for showcasing the type of experiences you’ve had, your core design ability and process, the needs you’ve addressed, the quality level of your technical skills, and your potential. Critical to making a successful portfolio are a well-organized archive, a strategy to determine what to show in a particular interview, a sequence plan for presenting visuals, and framing the storytelling of the context and circumstances. Visuals and text have to support one another.

Visit the RitaSueSiegel site and download the PDF book


Industrial Design Portfolio Advice: Back to Basics

For an Industrial Designer a design portfolio is an essential element in getting employment. There are hundreds upon hundreds of ways that you can construct your portfolio. You could create it in Flash, on the Web, as a hard copy, as a movie – the possibilities are endless if you put your mind to it.

Read the article at Design Droplets


One Website, Thirty Minutes, Zero Coding

Your product portfolio’s great but your website sucks. You see other product designers with professional looking online portfolios but you’re struggling with HTML or stuck using cheap unprofessional websites like ISSUU or Weebly.

Sound familiar? It’s okay, you’re not a web designer and you don’t need to be to create professional looking results. Our quick guide will walk you through the entire process of creating an awesome online portfolio in easy to understand steps… and all in under thirty minutes… with zero coding

Visit IDskills and download the PDF


10 Essential Tips for Creating that Killer Portfolio

Brian Ling compiled a list essential and useful tips (I hope!) that can help you churn out that killer portfolio. As a side note, this list was generated while I was teaching students, at the local polytechnic, techniques on how to improve their portfolios.

Visit Design Sojourn and read the tips


Tips for Creating a Portfolio

Join our own discussion about creating a portfolio at our forums

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