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DVD Review: How to Draw Cars Now by DrivenMavens

I am very fortunate to receive the ‘How to Draw Cars Now – Analog VS Digital Drawing Techniques’ DVD 2 disc special edition from Arvind Ramkrishna, creator of the inspirational Automotive Art and Design blog Driven Mavens.

I should also thank the backers at Kickstarter who all together made it possible to realize this DVD set. What a wonderful platform!

To start off, I know there are quite a lot of similar video tutorials online, but it’s really nice to be able to watch these DVDs on a large TV screen, instead of a laptop. You just lean backwards on your sofa and start enjoying the show, in this case a range of video tutorials.

So what can you expect from the videos? Well, you can read HERE for the full content descriptions of the DVD’s, and I believe the content is rich and complete. There is a small booklet and useful e-books and templates that come along with the package, which is really neat. It covers all the materials that you need to know and learn drawing cars. Of course you need to practice a lot to improve, but if you are passionate then you will certainly achieve something.

What is more important to know, is how effectively Arvind presents you the content. In all the videos you can easily follow Arvind drawing and explaining what he is doing and why. And in the rendering tutorials he uses photo references to explain how important it is to understand how real cars or objects reflect light, which is a great tip in general if you want to render things right.

I just want to say that the content is really educational and motivational. It definitely helps you to get the basics right and it helps you to advance to produce some great car sketches and design renderings. And of course, all the techniques can be applied in product design renderings too.

You can purchase the DVD set at the Shop of Driven Mavens.

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