The Creative Process of Charles and Ray Eames

by Waikit Chung on July 8, 2009

Another great video from TED. This time Eames Demetrios passionately presents rarely seen footage of the designs and processes of his grandparents and legendary designers Charles and Ray Eames, who made films, houses and classic mid century modern furniture. He talks about how they approach design with their philosophy on the relationship between design,business and lifestyle.

Sites about Charles and Ray Eames:

Eames Office
Eames Gallery
Eames Foundation

Books about Charles and Ray Eames:

The Eames Lounge Chair: An Icon of Modern Design
An Eames Primer

Charles & Ray Eames: 1907-1978, 1912-1988 Pioneers of Mid-Century Modernism

Eames Design

Ray & Charles Eames: Objects and Furniture Design By Architects

Charles and Ray Eames: Designers of the Twentieth Century

Fifteen Things Charles & Ray Teach Us

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