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How Do You Design?

How do you design?‘ is the title of a 149 page free PDF book written by Hugh Dubberly, who is a design planner and teacher and also running his own design consultancy ‘Dubberly’.

The book is a great collection of more than 100 descriptions and visualizations of design and development processes, from architecture, industrial design (IDEO’s design process is described), mechanical engineering, quality management and software development.


With this book he hopes to foster debates and rise questions like:

– How do we design?
– Why do we do it that way?
– How do we describe what we do?
– Why do we talk about it that way?
– How do we do better?

These questions have practical goals:

– Reducing risk (increasing the probability of success)
– Setting expectations (reducing uncertainty and fear)
– Increasing repeatability (enabling improvement)

The book starts with a nice intro:

Our processes
determine the quality
of our products.
If we wish to improve our products,
we must improve our processes;
we must continually redesign
not just our products
but also the way we design.
That’s why we study the design process.
To know what we do
and how we do it.
To understand it
and improve it.
To become better designers.

I think this would be a nice start for an interesting conversation here, starting with the question: How do you design?

What design process do you follow? Does it really help you design better? What is the most important part of it? Are you involved in the whole process?

Or if you are interested you can let us publish your story here about your complete design process, which is taught at your university or used at your design studio. In that case, please email me at info@productdesignhub.com

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