Yves Behar: Video Collection

by Waikit Chung on March 7, 2009

Here is a collection of videos about Yves Behar

Creating objects that tell stories

Yves Behar talks about some of his works like the Jawbone, the OLPC Laptop and the Leaf Lamp.

Yves Behar on Designing OLPC
About the challenges of designing the OLPC

Designer People

Yves Behar and Nicholas Negroponte talk about the OLPC project:

Thoughts on Design

About the design process

Sites about Yves Behar:

Fuse Project

Wiki about Yves Behar

Design Boom about Yves Behar

Sites about OLPC:


Official Site

One Laptop Per Child News

Books about Yves Behar:
Yves Behar+Fuseproject Commerce/Concept (German and French Edition)

Yves Behar Fuseproject: Design Series 2 (Sfmoma Design Series, 2)

Yves Behar: Fuseproject (Design Focus)

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