Coasters For Gamers Ponoko

Our friends over at Ponoko – the online laser cutting service – are running a challenge for you to blow away the gaming industry with laser cut coasters designed just for games designers, developers & players. If you know how to create commercially successful laser cut designs, or you want to learn, you can enter […]


Designing Products for Refugees Using 3D Printing

by Morgan Hamel December 12, 2017

Scott Key and Sam Brisendine first met as students at the Rice University College of Architecture, where they ended up coming up with the idea for their future company. It would come to be called Good Works Studio. Good Works Studio’s first product, Emergency Floor, came from a class project they worked on together. They […]

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Product Design students: Are you doing enough to get yourself out there?

by Nick Chubb November 14, 2017
product design students

So you’re a Product Design student, but are you doing all you can to promote yourself in the right way and break in to the industry? Last week I was invited down to Bournemouth University to give a guest talk to their Product Design students. The talk covered many areas including portfolio advice, useful approaches […]

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The Best Product Design Is Empathic

by Mathieu Turpault September 4, 2017
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It’s common knowledge that product designers wear many hats, but it’s just as important for us to wear many shoes. At Bresslergroup, before we begin designing a product, we do our best to walk in our users’ shoes. At its core, this is empathic design, and it is essential to our practice. Empathic design is […]

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Industrial Designer in a UX World? Here’s How To Thrive

by Mathieu Turpault August 7, 2017

As the emphasis in product development continues to shift from form development to user experience (UX) and other elements of human to computer interaction, industrial designers need to adapt in order to thrive in an increasingly digital environment. What better proof than the growing difference in hourly rates between interaction designers and industrial designers? The […]

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How 3D Printing Makes for a Better Product Experience

by Greg Janky July 24, 2017

At Anvil Studios, we pride ourselves on creating products which people love to use. Given our passion for great design, it makes perfect sense that we’d be fans of using 3D printing in the design process. Early on in my career as an industrial designer, it became apparent to me that 3D printing sped up […]

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Going into Product Design? Read This First.

by Natalie Robertson June 16, 2017
product design

More and more young people are finishing high school and are heading to universities, ready for the challenges that lie ahead. Students are choosing the arts at a higher rate, which means that creative fields will be given an influx in employment. This article will specifically highlight product design and what is needed to become […]

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Advice for landing an Industrial Design placement

by Nick Chubb June 14, 2017
industrial design placement

Landing an Industrial Design placement Last week I was invited to speak to students at the Dyson School of Design Engineering at Imperial College London. The talk was given to 1st year and 2nd year students, and focused on tips for landing a placement or internship as a Product Designer. Check out the full video […]

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Room with a View

by Lee Hibbert March 6, 2017

Platform 12 is an unconventional space where artists, academics and engineers come to dream up the products and technologies of the future   On the top floor of Bosch’s €300 million research campus in Renningen, near Stuttgart, is a bright, airy room where the curious come to indulge their creative fantasies. Surrounded by glass on […]

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